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Published Interviews

Steven LeSueur – Author of 1838 Mormon Missouri War

Steve LeSueur was part of a project mapping Mormon history in Missouri.
Steve LeSueur is author of the 1838 Mormon War in Missouri.

665: Attempt on Gov Boggs’ Life (LeSueur)

664: Liberty Jail Hearing & Escape (LeSueur)

663: Hawn’s Mill/Joseph’s Surrender (LeSueur)

662: Crooked River Leads to Extermination Order (LeSueur)

661: Was Joseph Responsible for Danites? (LeSueur)

660: When Did Missourians Worry about Danites? (LeSueur)

659: Vigilantes & Danites (LeSueur)

658: Peace During Caldwell County Compromise (LeSueur)

657: Mapping Mormon History in Missouri (LeSueur)

Talking History with the Bushmans

Dr. Richard & Claudia Bushman discuss Mormon History.
Dr. Richard & Claudia Bushman discuss Mormon History.

656: Is LDS Art Getting Better? (Bushmans)

655: Why Do Some Scholars Get in Trouble? (Bushmans)

654: Claudia’s Focus on Women in History (Claudia Bushman)

653: Scuttled Church History (Richard Bushman)

652: Exponent II (Claudia Bushman)

651: Mormon History with the Bushmans

Constitutional Scholar on Church & State

Dr. Sally Gordon teaches law and history at Univ of Pennsylvania. Her expertise is in constitutional issues of church & state.
Dr. Sally Gordon teaches law and history at Univ of Pennsylvania. Her expertise is in constitutional issues of church & state.

650: Indian & Black Slavery in Utah (Gordon)

649: Advice to Religious Leaders (Gordon)

648: Scalia’s Polarizing Religious Decision (Gordon)

647: Supreme Court Started Religious Studies! (Gordon)

646: Kody Brown’s Polygamy Case (Gordon)

645: Legal Complications of Polygamy (Gordon)

644: Twin Relics of Barbarism (Gordon)

Internet Mormon Prophets David & Kristine Ferriman

Kristine & David Ferriman are co-presidents of Church of Jesus Christ in Christian Fellowship.

643:  Internet Temple Worship (Ferrimans)

642:  David’s Angelic Ordination (Ferrimans)

641:  CJCCF Wide Open Canon & Revelations (Ferrimans)

640:  Spiritual PTSD/Offending Everyone (Ferrimans)

Jonathan Neville on Heartland Theory

Jonathan Neville is a retired attorney & expert on the Heartland Theory.

639:  Allow Multiple Views, Even non-Historical (Neville)

638:  Jonathan Edwards Influence on Book of Mormon (Neville)

637:  “Evidence of Composition is Evidence of Translation” (Neville)

636: Explaining Mormon DNA-Archeology (Neville)

635: The Final Battle (Neville)

634: Pros & Cons of Vague Geography (Neville)

633: Why Limited Geography is Wrong? (Neville)

632: Lehi’s Atlantic Crossing? (Neville)

631: M2C Citation Cartel (Neville)

630: Was Joseph Really Editor? (Neville)

629: Neville’s Church History Background

Debunking Joseph Smith’s Monogamy Claims

628:  Get Peer Reviewed! (Tensmeyer)

Mark Tensmeyer is an attorney and independent historian tackling polygamy skeptics’ claims.

627:  Is 132 a Forged Revelation? (Tensmeyer)

626:  Why So Few children of Polygamy in Nauvoo? (Tensmeyer)

625: Kirtland-era Polygamy Evidence (Tensmeyer)

624: 3rd Party Polygamy Evidence (Tensmeyer)

623: Nauvoo-era Polygamy Evidence (Tensmeyer)

622: 4 Types of Polygamy Evidence from Nauvoo (Tensmeyer)

621: Did Cochranites Start Mormon Polygamy? (Tensmeyer)

620: RLDS positions on Joseph’s Polygamy (Tensmeyer)

619: Examining Polygamy Skeptics’ Claims (Tensmeyer)

The House of Aaron

Dr. John Conrad is chief high priest for House of Aaron.

618:  Worship Services & Church Structure (Conrad)

617:  House of Aaron Scriptures (Conrad)

616:  House of Aaron Views on Polygamy & LGBT (Conrad)

615:  LDS/House of Aaron Relations (Conrad)

614:  Founding the House of Aaron (Conrad)

Engineering Joseph’s Visionary City

David Hall is an amazing inventor, businessman, and expert of Joseph’s city plans.

613:  Corrected Church Organization (David R Hall)

612:  Making Diamonds out of Coal! (David R Hall)

611:  Purifying Water, People & Transportation (David R Hall)

610:  Keeping Saints Healthy with Multi-Purpose Temples (David R Hall)

609:  Building Future Cities of Joseph (David R Hall)

608:  Tyndale’s 1530 English (David R Hall)

607:  24 Temple Presidents in Kirtland? (David R Hall)

606:  Engineering Joseph’s Visionary City (David R Hall)

BoM Geography/Cultural Hall

Rick Bennett reviews many Book of Mormon Geography theories from Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

605: Richie T’s 3 Questions (Rick B)

604: Mormon History Groups (Rick B)

603: Rick’s Family History

602: South America, Heartland, Meso (Rick B)

601: Malay, Baja, New York (Rick B)

600: BoM Geography: From Middle East to Africa (Rick B)

Looking Back at People We’ve Lost

Top: Armand Mauss, Will Bagley.
Bottom: Mike Quinn, Curt Bench, Shannon Flynn.

599:  Remembering Will Bagley

598:  Remembering Shannon Flynn

597:  Remembering Curt Bench

596:  Remembering Michael Quinn

595:  Remembering Armand Mauss

Astrophysicist on First Vision, Golden Plates

594:  Intro to Reborn LDS Church (Pratt)

Dr. John Pratt discusses dating the First Vision, & seeing the Golden Plates.

593:  3 Churches of Mormonism (Pratt)

592:  What’s in Sealed Book of Mormon? (Pratt)

591:  Hofmann Question of Brazil Plates (Pratt)

590:  Brazil Golden Plates (Pratt)

589:  John Pratt’s Spiritual Journey

588:  Dating Problems with First Vision (Pratt)

587:  Dating First Vision (Pratt)

586:  Dating Christ’s Birth (Pratt)

Pentecostal Theologian Reviews Book of Mormon

Dr. Christopher Thomas teaches at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN and has written “A Pentecostal Reads the Book of Mormon.”

585: Comparing Mormons & Pentecostals (C. Thomas)

584: Pentecostals in Book of Mormon (C. Thomas)

583: Troubling Stories in Scripture (C. Thomas)

582: Protestant Theology in Book of Mormon? (C. Thomas)

581: Tongue-Speech in Book of Mormon (C. Thomas)

580: Pentecostal View of Book of Mormon Theology (C. Thomas)

579: Is Book of Mormon a Pacifist Book? (C. Thomas)

578: Pentecostal Theologian Gives Book of Mormon the Bible Treatment (C. Thomas)

Minding the Book of Mormon Gap

Dr. Brian Hales latest project deals with Book of Mormon authorship.

577: The Anachronism Gap? (Hales)

576: Wordprint Studies (Hales)

575: What Skills Were Needed to Write Book of Mormon? (Hales)

574: Automatic Writing/Bill Davis’s “Visions of Seer Stone” (Hales)

573: Looking at Spaulding & Collaborator Theories (Hales)

572: Reviewing Polygamy Criticisms (Hales)

Talk with Church Editor Devan Jensen

Devan Jensen is president of LDS Media & Publishing Assoc.

571: LDS Church in Pacific (D Jensen)

570: Improving Conversation on Divisive Topics (D Jensen)

569: LDS Publishing & Media Assoc (D Jensen)

Bruce Van Orden:  Remembering WW Phelps

568: Phelps from Nauvoo to SLC (Van Orden)

Dr Bruce Van Orden is biographer of WW Phelps.

567: Phelps Role in Book of Abraham Civil War (Van Orden)

566: Phelps Role at Times & Seasons (Van Orden)

565: Danites in Missouri (Van Orden)

564: Mormon-Missouri War of 1838 (Van Orden)

563: Cleaning House in Kirtland: Phelps vs Marsh (Van Orden)

562: Were Phelps Missouri Troubles Self-Inflicted?   (Van Orden)

561:  Jailed Before Joined (Van Orden)

Steve Pynakker Evangelical Host of Mormon Book Reviews Interviews GT

Rick Bennett with Steve Pynakker, host of Mormon Book Reviews.

560: Mormon Doctrine in Battlestar Gallactica? (Pynakker)

559: Gutting Pioneer Temple History (Pynakker)

558: Mormon Historians’ Community (Pynakker)

557: Future of Mormon History (Pynakker)

556: Are Faith & Intellect Compatible? (Pynakker)

555: Why Start Gospel Tangents? (Pynakker)

554: Difference between Evangelicals & Protestants (Pynakker)

553:  Background on Rick (Pynakker)

Margaret Toscano Critiques Women and Priesthood Gospel Topics Essay

552: Are Church Leaders Scared of Heavenly Mother? (Toscano)

Dr. Margaret Toscano wrote a chapter in “The Gospel Topics Series” on Women & Priesthood essay.

551: 6 Counterpoints to Women & Priesthood Essay (Toscano)

550:  Women’s Spiritual vs Ecclesiastical Priesthood (Toscano)

549:  Priest or Priestesses? (Toscano)

548: Quorum of the Anointed (Toscano)

547:  Keys of the Priesthood (Toscano)

546: Joseph’s Statements on Women & Priesthood (Toscano)

545: Critiqing Women & Priesthood Essay (Toscano)

544:  Strengths of Women & Priesthood Essay (Toscano)

KC Kern/Greg Pavone – The Lost Mormon Cave & The Malay Theory

Greg Pavone & KC Kern are amateur archaeologists that re-discovered the Mormon Cave dug by Joseph Smith, Sr.

543: Further Considerations on Malay Hypothesis (Kern)

542: Intro to Malay Hypothesis (Kern)

541: Clearing Out the Mormon Cave (Kern/Pavone)

540: Finding the Mormon Cave (Kern/Pavone)

539: History of Mormon Cave (Kern/Pavone)

538: Raiders of the Lost Mormon Cave (Kern/Pavone)

Mark Staker – Excavating Smith Family Farm in Vermont

Dr. Mark Staker is conducting archaeological dig of Smith Family Farm in Vermont.

537: Staker Weighs in on First Vision (Staker)

536: Lucy’s Dreams, Joseph’s Rational Religion (Staker)

535: Smith Farmers Were Spiritual, Not Religious (Staker)

534: When Joseph Met Lucy (Staker)

533: Smith Family Farm in Vermont (Staker)

Loki Mulholland – Emmy Award Winner, Director of The End of Slavery

Loki Mulholland is a civil right activist. He won an Emmy for his film, “An Uncomfortable Truth.”

532: Should LDS Church Apologize for Racism? (Mulholland)

531: Can White People Talk about Racism? (Mulholland)

530: Films Combating Racism Directed by a Mormon (Mulholland)

529: Son of a Civil Rights Icon (Mulholland)

528: End of Slavery (in Utah???) (Mulholland)

Dr. Casey Griffiths – Relics of the Restoration

Dr. Casey Griffiths teaches Church history at BYU and is author of “50 Relics of the Restoration.”

527: The Chicago Experiment (Griffiths)

526: Future of Church History (Griffiths)

525: Orson Pratt’s Unsung Role in Church History (Griffiths)

524: From Word of Wisdom to World Faith (Griffiths)

523: Entry Level Church History (Griffiths)

522: CSI:  Carthage Jail (Griffiths)

521: Swimsuits, Gold Medals, & Blacks (Griffiths)

520: Recycling Hofmann Forgeries (Griffiths)

519: Mormon Interfaith Council (Griffiths)

Dr. Steven Harper on First Vision

Dr. Steven Harper – Author of First Vision: Memory & Mormon Origins

518: Orson Pratt’s First Vision Influence (Harper)

517: Comparing the Primary Accounts (Harper)

516: Did Methodist Minister Scold Young Joseph? (Harper)

515: Were Revivals in Palmyra in 1820? (Harper)

514: Memory Problems with First Vision (Harper)

Brent Ashworth: Buying Hofmann Forgeries

Brent Ashworth has the unfortunate luck to know 2 serial killers: Mark Hofmann and Ted Bundy!

513:  Apology to Dorie (Ashworth)

512:  Emily Dickinson Forgery (Ashworth)

511:  Hofmann’s Court Mistake (Ashworth)

510:  Tragedy Before Hofmann Trial (Ashworth)

509:  Catching More Hofmann Forgeries (Ashworth)

508:  Brent Called Salamander Letter Fake (Ashworth)

507:  Hofmann’s Motive Against Church (Ashworth)

506:  Why 3rd Bomb wasn’t Suicide Attempt (Ashworth)

505: McLellin Collection Offers (Ashworth)

504: Lucy Mack Smith Forgery (Ashworth)

503: Mark’s Unknown Half Million$ Deal (Ashworth)

502: Hiding from Hofmann (Ashworth)

501: Meeting Serial Killers (Ashworth)

Hans Mattson on Swedish Rescue/Truth Seeking

Hans Mattsson served in 3rd Quorum of Seventy but lost his faith and wrote the book “Truth Seeking.”

500: Reflecting on Essays (Mattsson)

499: Interview w/ NY Times (Mattsson)

498: Hans View of Swedish Rescue (Mattsson)

497: First Doubts on Church History (Mattsson)

496: Becoming First Swedish GA (Mattsson)

Breaking Racial Barriers: Joseph Freeman & LDS Priesthood

Joseph Freeman was first black man ordained after 1978 revelation on priesthood.

495: #BlackLivesMatter (Freeman)

494: Enduring Systemic Racism (Freeman)

493: Genesis Group & Black Spirituality (Freeman)

492: Instant Celebrity (Freeman)

491: Joseph’s Baptism (Freeman)

490: Meeting Mormons at PCC (Freeman)

489: Holiness Preacher Joins Army (Freeman)

Darren Parry Describes Bear River Massacre

Darren Parry is author of “Bear River Massacre” and former chairman of Shoshone Tribe. He is fundraising for Cultural Center on the site.

488: Darren’s Relationship to Bear River Massacre (Parry)

487: Why Indian Headdress shouldn’t be Sports Mascots (Parry)

486: Monument in Killing Fields (Parry)

485: Turning Massacre into Model for Peace (Parry)

484: Idaho Monument to Shoshone Massacre (Parry)

483: How a Battle Changed to Massacre (Parry)

482: How Mormon Pioneers Changed Native Life (Parry)

481: Native Life Before Pioneers (Parry)

480: Darren Parry for Congress

Life of Retiring Church Historian Richard Turley

Barbara Jones Brown interviewed Richard Turley for the June 2020 MHA virtual conference.

479: Church History Library (Turley)

478: Saints (Turley)

477: Opening Doors for Female Historians (Turley)

476: Turley on MMM (Turley)

475: Hired After Hofmann (Turley)

Thomas Murphy Critiques Book of Mormon DNA

474: How Americas Were Populated (Murphy)

Dr. Thomas Murphy is an anthropologist at Edmonds College in Washington.

473: Possible to Lose DNA? (Murphy)

472: Who Killed the Indians? (Murphy)

471: Strengths & Weakness of DNA Essay/ Comparing Indian & BoM Stories (Murphy)

470: Behind the Scenes of DNA Essay (Murphy)

469: Untold Story of Indian Slavery in America (Murphy)

468: Religious Fights over DNA (Murphy)

467: Native American DNA Scholarship (Murphy)

Mormon Apocalypticism

Dr. Christopher Blythe is a Research Associate at the Maxwell Institute and author of “Terrible Revolution.”

466: White Horse Prophecy (Blythe)

465: Chad Daybell & Zombie Apocalypse (Blythe)

464: Bo, Rowe & Pontius: LDS Apocalypticists (Blythe)

463: World Wars & Apocalypse (Blythe)

462: Civil War Prophecy & Joseph’s Apocalyptic Death (Blythe)

461: Mormon History of Apocalypse (Blythe)

460: Maxwell Institute: A Religious Thinktank (Blythe)

Critiquing the LDS Gospel Topics Essays

Dr. Newell Bringhurst (left) & Dr. Matt Harris are co-editors of “The LDS Gospel Topics Series.”

459: Remembering Armand Mauss (Harris/Bringhurst)

458: Race, Priesthood, & Randy Bott (Harris/Bringhurst)

457: Racism in Mormon Scripture (Harris/Bringhurst)

456: Pros & Cons of Race Essay (Harris/Bringhurst)

455: Critiquing Polygamy Essays & Sources (Harris/Bringhurst)

454: Are Gospel Essays Hidden or Public? (Harris/Bringhurst)

453: Swedish Rescue & Gospel Topics Essays (Harris/Bringhurst)

Will Bagley on MMM

452: Bear River Massacre (Bagley)

Will Bagley has authored over 25 books, including “Blood of the Prophets”

451: Kingdom of the West (Bagley)

450: Trials of Lee/Forgery (Bagley)

449: MMM Cover Up (Bagley)

448: John D. Lee’s Role in Massacre (Bagley)

447: Bagley Critiques Turley (Bagley)

446: Buchanan & George Smith’s Role in MMM (Bagley)

445: Handcart Disasters & Mormon Reformation (Bagley)

444: Will Bagley on Juanita Brooks (Bagley)

Denver Snuffer & Remnant Movement

Denver Snuffer is founder of the Remnant Movement.

443: Why Remnant is Attractive (Snuffer)

442: Remnant Movement is not a Church! (Snuffer)

441: Ascension of Brigham Young (Snuffer)

440: Why Denver Changed on Joseph’s Polygamy (Snuffer)

439: Denver’s Outreach to Hebrews/Native Americans (Snuffer)

438: Is Trinity in Lectures on Faith/Book of Mormon? (Snuffer)

437: New Scriptures in Remnant Movement (Snuffer)

Changing LDS Messages for Blacks, Feminists, Gays

Dr. Taylor Petrey’s book, “Tabernacles of Clay,” outlines changing messages from LDS Church leaders over the past 70 years on blacks, gays, and feminists.

436:  Is Gay Contagious? (Petrey)

435:  Oaks’ Role in Designing LGBT Policy (Petrey)

434:  Feminism, Sexual Revolution & LDS Church (Petrey)

433:  LDS Leaders on Interracial Marriage (Petrey)

Documentary Hypothesis & Book of Mormon

Colby Townsend won Best Thesis at Mormon History Assoc in 2020. He is Ph.D. student at Indiana University.

432:  Reconciling Biblical Scholarship (Townsend)

431:  Adam Clarke & Book of Mormon (Townsend)

430:  Joseph Smith & Documentary Hypothesis (Townsend)

429:  Arguments against Documentary Hypothesis (Townsend)

428:  Exodus & Israelite Polytheism (Townsend)

427:  Old Testament scholarship 101 (Townsend)

426:  Intro to Documentary Hypothesis (Townsend)

Joseph Smith’s Campaign for President of U.S.

425:  Why Joseph’s POTUS Run was Downplayed (Sainsbury)

BYU professor Dr. Derek Sainsbury’s new book “Storming the Nation” tells about the Electioneer Missionaries campaigning for Joseph Smith’s POTUS run.

424:  Why Joseph Destroyed Expositor (Sainsbury)

423:  Theo-democracy in Deseret (Sainsbury)

422:  Anti-Slavery Missionaries in the South (Sainsbury)

421: Bobby Kennedy-Joseph Smith (Sainsbury)

420:  Electioneer Missionaries (Sainsbury)

419:  Mormons: The Original Swing Voters! (Sainsbury)

418:  Views of General Joseph Smith (Sainsbury)

Rick on the Hot Seat

John Larsen is the Host of the Sunstone Podcast. He interviewed Rick B. in August 2019 to learn more about the Gospel Tangents podcast.

417:  Rick on the Hot Seat (me)

416:  Mark Hofmann’s Role in Mormon History (me)

415:  Learning from Mormon Cousins (me)

414:  LDS Leaders and Historical Issues (me)

413:  Intro to Gospel Tangents (me)

Mystical Mormon Magic & Masonry with Clair Barrus

Clair Barrus discusses Joseph’s Smith’s Magical beliefs and Masonic connections.

412:  Reconciling Past/Present Masonic-Temple Connections (Barrus)

411:  Joseph’s Magical Masonry (Abracadabra) (Barrus)

410:  Masonic Legends & Golden Plates (Barrus)

409:  Different Types of Masonry (Barrus)

408:  Is Book of Mormon anti-Masonic? (Barrus)

407:  Oliver Cowdery’s Rod of Revelation (Barrus)

406:  Masonic Connections in Oliver Cowdery’s Family (Barrus)

Cheryl Bruno on Mormon-Mason Connection

Cheryl Bruno is the author of “Method Infinite: Freemasonry and the Mormon Restoration” due out in 2020.

405: Mormon-Mason Similarities/Differences (Bruno)

404: Joseph Smith’s Masonic Connections (Bruno)

403: Masonry from King Solomon to Kirtland (Bruno)

Bill Shepard on the “Other Mormons”

Historian Bill Shepard is former president of John Whitmer Historical Association and a Strangite.

402: 7th Day Sabbath Mormons & Other Teachings (Shepard)

401: Strangite Teachings about Jesus (Shepard)

400: Martyrdom of James Strang (Shepard)

399: Strang’s Prophetic Role as Translator (Shepard)

398: Strang’s Mormon Missions (Shepard)

397: “The Other Mormons”-Intro to James Strang (Shepard)

Lindsay Hansen Park: Post-Manifesto Polygamy

396: How Polygamy Shapes Modern Mormons (Park)

Lindsay Hansen Park is host of Year of Polygamy podcast and Exec. Dir. of Sunstone.

395: How LDS Attitudes Empowered Warren Jeffs (Park)

394: Rulon Jeffs LDS & FLDS History (Park)

393: 2nd Manifesto Polygamy 1904-1925 (Park)

392: 20th Century Polygamy/Reed Smoot Hearings (Park)

391: Mormon Fundamentalist Theology (Park)

390: John Taylor’s 1886 Revelation (Park)

389: “More Than One Way to Mormon” (Park)

Adam-God Theory/Christ’s Church (Patrick-Shaffer)

Benjamin Shaffer (left) is a Seventy in Christ’s Church. David Patrick (right) is an Apostle for Christ’s Church, based in southern Utah. They discuss the Adam-God Theory.

388: Why Adam-God is Controversial (Patrick-Shaffer)

387: “Families are Forever” a Hurtful Doctrine? (Patrick-Shaffer)

386: Why Polygamists are Threatening to LDS Church (Patrick-Shaffer)

385: God in a Box or Pyramid? (Patrick-Shaffer)

384: Documentary Hypothesis & Adam-God (Patrick-Shaffer)

383: Intro to Adam-God Theory (Patrick-Shaffer)

382: Scriptures of Christ’s Church (Patrick-Shaffer)

381: Intro to Christ’s Church (Patrick-Shaffer)

R. Jean Addams on Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

R. Jean Addams is one of the foremost experts on Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

380: Church of Christ Worship Services (Addams)

379: 3 Church Reconciliation? (Addams)

378: Comparing LDS & Church of Christ Theology (Addams)

377: LDS/Church of Christ Alliance (Addams)

376: Jones Flournoy’s Ties to Restoration (Addams)

375: Dispute Over the Temple Lot (Addams)

374: Intro to Church of Christ (Temple Lot) (Addams)

Margaret Toscano on Women & Priesthood

Dr. Margaret Toscano is a Professor of Classics at University of Utah and expert on early Mormon Priesthood.

373: Arguing Against Genderless God (M. Toscano)

372: Turning Key to Relief Society Quorum (M. Toscano)

371: Why LDS Leaders Don’t Like Popular Speakers (M. Toscano)

370: Charismatic, Ecclesiastical, & Messianic Priesthood (M. Toscano)

369: Theological Case for Women & Priesthood (M. Toscano)

368: An Excommunicated Believer (M. Toscano)

367: Feminist Awakening at BYU (M. Toscano)

366: Toscano: From BYU to Utah (M. Toscano)

Don Bradley on Lost 116 Pages

Don Bradley is Author of “Lost 116 Pages” where he details what is missing from the Book of Mormon.

365: Apologists & Critics (Bradley)

364: New Insights on Liahona (Bradley)

363: How Did Nephi Get Priesthood? (Bradley)

362: Who Stole the Manuscript? (Bradley)

361: Exonerating Lucy Harris (Bradley)

360: Masonic Golden Plates & Temple Theology (Bradley)

359: Temple Endowment in Lost Pages (Bradley)

358: Laban Killed During Passover (Bradley)

357: More than 116 Pages Lost? (Bradley)

356: How Much of BoM is Missing? (Bradley)

355: Re-Writing Oliver’s Words: Dirty, Nasty, Filthy Scrape? (Bradley)

354: Dating Fanny Alger (Bradley)

Race Struggles at BYU 1965-1985

Dr. Matt Harris discusses the LDS race ban 1965-1985

353: Impact of Protests on Apostles (Harris)

352: BYU Law School Almost Lost Accreditation (Harris)

351: Civil Rights Investigation at BYU (Harris)

350: Sports Protests Against BYU (Harris)

349: Race & Religious Minorities at BYU (Harris)

348: How Brazil Influenced Official Declaration 2 (Harris)

347: Did Nixon & Carter Pressure BYU Over Race? (Harris)

Reflecting on 50 Years:  “Jesus Was Married”

David Patrick is an apostle for Christ’s Church. Anne Wilde is an Independent Polygamist who helped Ogden Kraut write “Jesus Was Married.”

346:  Surprising Sales at Seventies Bookstore (Patrick/Wilde)

345:  Uniquely Mormon Marriage Theology (Patrick/Wilde)

344:  “There is No Marriage in Heaven” (Patrick/Wilde)

343:  Evangelical Arguments about Marriage in Heaven (Patrick/Wilde)

342: Was Jesus the Groom at Wedding at Cana? (Patrick/Wilde)

341: Making the Case that Jesus Was Married (Patrick/Wilde)

Non- Mormon Polygamy Expert Dr. Larry Foster

Dr. Larry Foster teaches classes in religion at Georgia Tech and is a non-Mormon expert on Mormon polygamy.

340: Speaking to Believers & Critics of Joseph (Foster)

339: Assessing Joseph Smith (Foster)

338: Interesting Defenses of Polygamy (Foster)

337:  Comparing Mormons, Shakers, & Oneida (Foster)

336:  Explaining Polygamy from non-Mormon Viewpoint (Foster)

335:  Celibacy, Polygamy, & Free Love in 19th Century (Foster)

Dr. Alex Baugh on Hawn’s Mill Massacre

Dr. Alex Baugh is Dept Chair of Church History at BYU and is an expert on the Mormon-Missouri Period.

334: Reflecting on Hawn’s Mill (Baugh)

333: Halloween Massacre at Hawn’s Mill (Baugh)

332: Finding Jacob Hawn (Baugh)

331: Was Extermination Order a License to Kill? (Baugh)

330: Mormon Dissent Leads to Salt Sermon (Baugh)

329: Mormon Expulsion from Jackson County (Baugh)

328: Trouble in Missouri 1833 (Baugh)

Rod Decker on LDS Church & Politics in Utah

Rod Decker has covered Utah politics for almost four decades as reporter for KUTV Channel 2 News.

327: How Utah Politics are Different than Nation (Decker)

326: Does the LDS Church Control Utah Politics? (Decker)

325: Downwinders & Utah’s Fight against the Feds (Decker)

324: Utah: Most Politically/Religiously Divided State (Decker)

David Ostler:  Building Bridges to Questioners

David Ostler has a new book called “Bridges: Ministering to Those Who Question”

323: Messages from Those Who Have Left (Ostler)

322: Ministering to Mormon & African Polygamists (Ostler)

321: Creating a Better Church Atmosphere (Ostler)

320: 3 Ways to Help People Keep Coming to Church (Ostler)

319: How Active Members Get Ostracized at Church (Ostler)

318: Helping Leaders Understand Faith Crisis (Ostler)

Quincy Newell: Biographer of Jane Manning James

Dr. Quincy Newell, Hamilton College discusses her biography of Black Mormon Pioneer Jane Manning James.

317: Does Mormonism Have Racist Theology? (Newell)

316: Jane’s Pioneer Travels to Utah (Newell)

315:  Jane’s One-Of-A Kind Sealing to Joseph Smith (Newell)

314: 19th Century Sexual Politics (Newell)

313: Was Jane a Slave? (Newell)

Brian Stutzman on Martyrdom of Joseph Smith

Brian Stutzman has written the first history of anti-Mormon hotbed Warsaw, Illinois.

312: Can Anything Good Come from…Warsaw? (Stutzman)

311: Warsaw: Boom or Bust? (Stutzman)

310: Kangaroo Court at Carthage (Stutzman)

309: Gov. Thomas Ford’s Role in Martyrdom & Trial (Stutzman)

308: Profile of Anti-Mormon Thomas Sharp (Stutzman)

307: The Warsaw-Nauvoo Rivalry (Stutzman)

306: The Anti-Mormon Triangle: Warsaw, Carthage, Nauvoo (Stutzman)

Elder Steven Snow, Church Historian

Elder Steven Snow
Elder Steven Snow served as Church Historian since 2012 & in the First Quorum of Seventy from 2001-2019.

305: Does the Church Hide Historical Documents? (Snow)

304: Snow on Journals, Issues of Church & State (Snow)

303: Elder Snow & Gospel Topics Essays (Snow)

302: “I Just Love Church History!” (Snow)

Jana Riess/Ben Knoll on the Next Mormons

Dr. Jana Riess and Dr. Benjamin Knoll have put together the largest public opinion survey of Mormons ever.

301: Lessons for Mormon Leaders (Riess-Knoll)

300: Why Mormons Leave (Riess-Knoll)

299: Out of the Box Mormons (Riess-Knoll)

298: Comparing Mormons by Generations (Riess-Knoll)

297: Surprising Mormon Responses (Riess-Knoll)

296: How to Randomly Sample Mormons (Riess-Knoll)

Dan Vogel on First Vision, Book of Abraham

Historian Dan Vogel is author of many books on Joseph Smith, including “Making of a Prophet.”

295: Analyzing Apologetics on Book of Abraham (Vogel)

294: Lost Book of Abraham? (Vogel)

293: How We Got Book of Abraham (Vogel)

292: First Vision Conflicts (Vogel)

291: 1835 Account of First Vision (Vogel)

290: Making a Case for Melchizedek Priesthood in 1831? (Vogel)

289: Methodist Visions (Vogel)

288: Why “Pious Fraud” Ticks off Everyone (Vogel)

287: Dan Vogel Was a McConkie Mormon! (Vogel)

Greg Prince on Gays & the Mormon Church

Dr. Greg Prince details the history of LDS political fights over gay marriage from the 1990s through today.

286: Legal & Science Issues on LGBT (Prince)

285: Revelatory Whiplash (Prince)

284: The Christian Right & LGBT Fight (Prince)

283: Mixing Church & Politics in Gay Fight (Prince)

Melvin Johnson on Life of John Pierce Hawley

Historian Mel Johnson discusses Mormon pioneer John Pierce Hawley, who joined several Mormon groups.
Historian Mel Johnson discusses Mormon pioneer John Pierce Hawley, who joined several Mormon groups.

282: Hawley Leaves LDS for RLDS Church (Johnson)

281: John Hawley’s Polygamy Wrestle (Johnson)

280: Brigham Knew about MMM? (Johnson)

279: Hawley’s Opposition to MMM (Johnson)

278: Mormon Pioneers in Texas & End of Wightites (Johnson)

277: More on the Zodiac Temple in Texas (Johnson)

276: Lyman Wight & Mormon Colonies in Texas (Johnson)

275: Intro to Hawley (Johnson)

Bryndis Roberts of Ordain Women

Bryndis Roberts - Chair of Executive Board, Ordain Women
Bryndis Roberts – Chair of Executive Board, Ordain Women

274: Purge & Actions Since 2014 (Roberts)

273: Ordain Women Leadership (Roberts)

272: Getting Involved in Ordain Women (Roberts)

271: Addressing Gender Inequities (Roberts)

270: From Baptist to Mormon (Roberts)

Richard Turley – Prosecuting the Cold Case:  MMM

Richard Turley is Managing Director of Public Affairs for LDS Church and author of 4 books on Mountain Meadows Massacre
Richard Turley is Managing Director of Public Affairs for LDS Church and author of 4 books on Mountain Meadows Massacre

269: What Did Brigham Know, & When Did He Know It? (Turley)

268: Federal Investigation into MMM (Turley)

267: Was John D. Lee Most Guilty? (Turley)

266: Richard Turley on Saints… & Sinners (Turley)

Michael Marquardt – Church Founding Different Than you Thought

Michael Marquardt clears up record on Founding of LDS Church on April 6, 1830
Michael Marquardt clears up record on Founding of LDS Church on April 6, 1830

265: The Original Apostles (Marquardt)

264: Early Priesthood 1829-1835 (Marquardt)

263: Who Were Original 6 in 1830? (Marquardt)

262: Church Founded in Manchester (Not Fayette) (Marquardt)

Barbara Jones Brown on MMM

Barbara Jones-Brown is Executive Director of Mormon History Association.
Barbara Jones Brown is Executive Director of Mormon History Association.

261: Who Bears Responsibility for MMM? (Jones Brown)

260: After the Killing (Jones Brown)

259: Cattle Rustling Turns Deadly (Jones Brown)

258: Tackling Myths of Mountain Meadows (Jones Brown)

257: Revenge for Haun’s Mill & Pratt’s Murder? (Jones Brown)

256: Utah War & Mountain Meadows Massacre (Jones Brown)

Matt Harris on Ezra Taft Benson

Part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Matt Harris from CSU-Pueblo. This time we discuss the political and spiritual life of Ezra Taft Benson.
Part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Matt Harris from CSU-Pueblo. This time we discuss the political and spiritual life of Ezra Taft Benson.

255: Hoover on MLK & ETB (Harris)

254: How Hinckley Prevailed over Benson on Civil Rights (Harris)

253: The End of Benson’s Political Aspirations (Harris)

252: Benson on Civil Rights & Communism (Harris)

251: Benson and John Birch Society (Harris)

250: How Ezra Taft Benson Joined Eisenhower (Harris)

Ben Spackman: Is Evolution Compatible with Mormonism?

Ben Spackman is a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont Graduate University and specializes in the religious debate about evolution.
Ben Spackman is a Ph.D. candidate at Claremont Graduate University and specializes in the religious debate about evolution.

249: Must Religion & Science conflict? (Spackman)

248: Did Pres. McKay Support Evolution? (Spackman)

247: What is a Literal Reading of Genesis? (Spackman)

246: Misreading Genesis (Spackman)

245: Does the Bible Supports a Flat Earth? (Spackman)

244: Did Man Evolve From Apes? (Spackman)

243: Did Joseph Fielding Smith Win the Evolution Battle? (Spackman)

242: Evolution & Bible: Irreconcilable Differences? (Spackman)

Dr. Jeffrey Chadwick: Jesus Was Born in December

Dr. Jeffrey Chadwick is a New Testament scholar at BYU. He uses the Book of Mormon and BIble to calculate Christ's birth in December.
Dr. Jeffrey Chadwick is a New Testament scholar at BYU. He uses the Book of Mormon and Bible to calculate Christ’s birth in December.

235: Myth of the Lambing Season (Chadwick)

234: Is Christmas a Celebration of Sun? (Chadwick)

233: How Jesus’s Death Relates to his Birth Date (Chadwick)

231: Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, & Birth of Christ (Chadwick)

229: Was Jesus Born in December? (Chadwick)

Dr. Thomas Wayment Talks New Testament Scholarship, JST

Thomas Wayment discusses JST, Bible translations, and the Christmas stories.
BYU professor Dr. Thomas Wayment discusses JST, Bible translations, and the Christmas stories.

237: Is Adam Clarke’s Commentary Source of JST? (Wayment)

236: Fixing Known Biblical Errors (Wayment)

232: Juvenile Jesus a Jerk? Apocryphal Stories Say Yes (Wayment)

230: Christmas Legends: Herod, Wise Men, the Star (Wayment)

228: Separating Fact and Fiction on Birth of Christ (Wayment)

Steven Shields on Divergent Paths

Steven Shields has been writing about various Mormon Groups since the 1970s.
Steven Shields has been writing about various Mormon Groups since the 1970s.

241: Murderous Mormon Mayhem (Shields)

240: Para-Church Mormon Groups (Shields)

239: Cutlerite Endowment, Female Priesthood, & House of Aaron (Shields)

238: Fundamentalists and Cutlerites (Shields)

227: Conspiracy Theories:  William Smith, Samuel Smith, James Strang (Shields)

226: Sidney’s Unsung Role in Restoration (Shields)

225: Steve’s Shields Own Divergent Path

224: Who Owns the Temple Lot? (Shields)

Kurt Francom on Church Leadership & Culture

Kurt Francom of Leading Saints podcast tells how he is trying to help LDS leaders create better culture around church history, faith translations, and being LGBT friendly, among other things.
Kurt Francom of Leading Saints podcast tells how he is trying to help LDS leaders create better culture around church history, faith transitions, and being LGBT friendly.

223: Do You Disagree with the Exclusion Policy? (Francom)

222: Should the Church Modify Bishop’s Interviews? (Francom)

221: Results of Faith Crisis Research (Francom)

220: “We’ve Got to Have These Difficult Conversations” (Francom)

219: Ministering to the Faithful & Faithless (Francom)

218: Is it Bad to be Called LDS or Mormon? (Francom)


Dorie’s Story on Hofmann Bombings

Dorie Olds describes her marriage and divorce to Mark Hofmann.
Dorie Olds describes her marriage and divorce to bomber/forger Mark Hofmann.

217: Mark’s Trial, Dorie’s 5 Minute Divorce (Olds)

216: “You May Be in Danger” (Olds)

215: Was Dorie Blamed for the Bombings? (Olds)

214: “Be Grateful for Adversity” (Olds)

213: Gaslighted by Mark (Olds)

212: Finding Mark’s First Forgery (Olds)


Dr. Nancy Ross/Sara Hanks – Where Must We Stand?

Dr. Nancy Ross - Dixie State Univ, and Sara Hanks, co-authors "Where We Must Stand."
Dr. Nancy Ross – Dixie State Univ, and Sara Hanks, co-authors “Where We Must Stand.”

211:  Feminist Favorites (Ross-Hanks)

210:  Must Women Be Ordained? (Ross-Hanks)

209: The F-word: Feminism (Ross-Hanks)

208: Nancy & Sara’s Spiritual Journey (Ross-Hanks)

207: Mormon Feminist Successes & Setbacks (Ross-Hanks)

Daniel Stone – The Forgotten Prophet

Dr. Daniel Stone wrote the First Biography of William BIckerton, prophet of the 3rd largest Mormon moveement.
Dr. Daniel Stone wrote the First Biography of William Bickerton, prophet of the 3rd largest Mormon movement.

206: Modern Mormon Pentecostals (Stone)

205: My Cousin Vinny: Alice Cooper’s Mormon Roots (Stone)

204: Writing History Without Getting in Trouble (Stone)

203: Reuniting the Bickerton Break (Stone)

202: Ousting a Prophet (Stone)

201: False Prophecies Are Possible! (Stone)

200: Civil War Prophecy Leads to Black Ordination (Stone)

199: Biblical Support to Ordain Women (Stone)

198: Bickerton Becomes Prophet (Stone)

197: Sidney’s Church Falls Apart (Stone)

196: Rigdon/Spalding Manuscript Theory (Stone)

Steve Mayfield – Mormons, Crime, & the FBI

Steve Mayfield is a crime lab photographer and Mormon documentation collector. Here he is holding a newspaper from 1877 on John D. Lee execution.
Steve Mayfield is a crime lab photographer and Mormon documentation collector. Here he is holding a newspaper from 1877 on John D. Lee execution.

195: Buying the Spalding Conspiracy (Mayfield)

194: What is the Dead Lee Scroll? (Mayfield)

193: John D. Lee’s Role in Mountain Meadows Massacre (Mayfield)

192: Mormons & the FBI (Mayfield)

191: Steve Mayfield: Crime Photographer (Mayfield)

190: Mormon Connection in Patty Hearst Kidnapping (Mayfield)

Michael Quinn – LDS Mystic & Historian

Historian Michael Quinn
Historian Dr. Michael Quinn, author or Wealth & Corporate Power

189: Women Have Had Priesthood since 1843! (Quinn)

188: Translation by Joseph Smith & James Strang (Quinn)

187: LDS Succession Crisis (Quinn)

186: Quinn on Hofmann (Quinn)

185: “The Church Makes No Distinction Between God & Mammon” (Quinn)

184: Would LDS Church Income Ever Support a Paid Ministry? (Quinn)

183: Are LDS Church Revenues really $50 Billion/Year? (Quinn)

182: Michael Quinn Discusses Deseret Hemp Company (Quinn)

Sandra Tanner – Mormon Critic’s View of Mark Hofmann

Sandra Tanner describes her interactions with Mark Hofmann
Sandra Tanner describes her interactions with Mark Hofmann

181: Sandra’s View on Hofmann Trial (Tanner)

180: What Does Sandra Tanner think about Biblical Forgeries? (Tanner)

179: Jerald’s Forensic Background (Tanner)

178: The Cowdery Forgery (Tanner)

177: How Jerald Tanner Identified Fake Salamander Letter (Tanner)

176: When Mark Hofmann met Sandra Tanner (Tanner)

George Throckmorton – Prosecutor’s View of Mark Hofmann

George Throckmorton (retired SLPD) discusses how he figured out how Mark Hofmann was forging documents. He previously worked in the Attorney General's Office at the State of Utah.
George Throckmorton (retired SLPD) discusses how he figured out how Mark Hofmann was forging documents. He previously worked in the Attorney General’s Office at the State of Utah.

175: Why was the Hofmann Sentence so Light? (Throckmorton)

174: Hofmann, LDS Leaders, & the McLellin Collection (Throckmorton)

173: Why Hofmann Killed his Best Friends (Throckmorton)

172: Who was the 3rd Bomb Intended For?  (Throckmorton)

171: More Hofmann Techniques & Forged Sports Memorabilia  (Throckmorton)

170: How Hofmann Fooled Experts with a Toy Chemistry Set (Throckmorton)

169: How George Became a Forensics Expert (Throckmorton)

Jonathan Stapley – The Power of Godliness

Dr. Jonathan Stapley Discusses evolution of LDS Priesthood Ordinances
Dr. Jonathan Stapley Discusses evolution of LDS Priesthood Ordinances

168:  Sealing & Born in Covenant:  A Guarantee of Heaven? (Stapley)

167:  History and Theological Implications of Baby Blessings (Stapley)

166:  Mormon History of Folk & Alternative Medicine (Stapley)

165:  Elder Oaks Groundbreaking Talk on Women & Priesthood (Stapley)

164:  The Mormon Priestess & Ordain Women (Stapley)

163:  Women Healers in LDS Temples (Stapley)

162:  Introduction to Cosmological Priesthood (Stapley)

Matt Harris – Black History WW2 to Present

Dr. Matt Harris, History Professor, CSU-Pueblo
Dr. Matt Harris, History Professor, CSU-Pueblo

161: Bruce R. McConkie Wrote Official Declaration 2! (Harris)

160: How Kimball Persuaded Apostles to Agree on Lifting Ban (Harris)

159: Almost Famous!  1969 Black Ordination Nixed by Lee (Harris)

158: Hugh B. Brown’s Attempt to End Ban in 1962! (Harris)

157: Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in 1955? (Harris)

156: When, Where, & Why Did the One-Drop Rule Originate? (Harris)

155: Before 1978:  How LDS Leaders Handled Bi-racial Families in Brazil and South Africa (Harris)

Simon Southerton – Losing a Lost Tribe

Dr. Simon Southerton, author of “Losing a Lost Tribe”

154: Simon’s Thoughts on Noah’s Flood, Religious Beliefs (Southerton)

153: Vanishing DNA?  Lamanite DNA shouldn’t Vanish? (Southerton)

152: What is the Cohen Haplotype?  Do Lamanites Have It? (Southerton)

151: Simon Southerton Talks DNA, Excommunication (Southerton)

George Potter – Mt Sinai and Book of Mormon Trail

George Potter describes his search for Lehi’s Trail and Mount Sinai

150: Did Nephi Land in the Andes Mountains of Peru? (Potter)

149: Magi & Nephi’s Sea Trials (Potter)

148:  Found!  Nephi’s Harbor (Potter)

147: From the Desert to the Land Bountiful (Potter)

146: Walking in Lehi’s Footsteps on Frankincense Trail (Potter)

145: How are the Valley of Lemuel and Mount Sinai Related? (Potter)

144: Found!  The Real Mt. Sinai! (Potter)

Bill Smith – Author, Analyzing D&C 132

Dr. Bill Smith, Author, Textual Studies on the Doctrine & Covenants: The Plural Marriage Revelation.

143:  Joseph Smith’s Protology:  How are Spirit Babies Made? (Smith)

142:  Breaking Sealings: Who Has the Power? (Smith)

141:  How 132 Would Affect Future Revelation on Gays & Women (Smith)

140: Is Polygamy a Ticket to Heaven? (Smith)

139: Was Oliver Cowdery a Polygamist? (Smith)

138: Emma’s Up & Down Relationship with Polygamy (Smith)

137: LDS Literacy of Biblical Polygamy (Smith)

136: Dr. Bill Smith on the Origins of Polygamy  (Smith)

Newell Bringhurst – Author of Saints, Slaves, and Blacks

135:  Critiquing the Gospel Topics Essays (Bringhurst)

134: Role of Women in 4 American Religions (Bringhurst)

133: More about Polygamy: Bennett, Bushman, & Compton (Bringhurst)

Dr. Newell Bringhurst, author of several books on Mormon Histor

132:  Bringhurst’s Approach to Controversy (Bringhurst)

131:  Bringhurst on Bushman-Brodie (Bringhurst)

130:  Walker Lewis: Faithful Black Elder (Bringhurst)

129:  Warner McCary:  Real Native Genius? (Bringhurst)

128: How Lester Bush Debunked the Missouri Thesis (Bringhurst)

127: Writing Saints, Slaves, and Blacks (Bringhurst)

Russell Stevenson – Biographer of Elijah Abel, early black Mormon missionary

126:  The LDS Church in Africa (Stevenson)

Russell Stevenson, Biographer of Elijah Ables

125:  Elijah Ables’ Attempt for Temple Blessings (Stevenson)

124:  Why Brigham Changed his mind on Black Ordination (Stevenson)

123:  Trouble in Cincinnati:  Ables’ Time in Ohio (Stevenson)

122:  Ables’ Canadian Mission & Escape from the Mob (Stevenson)

121:  Early Life of Elijah Ables (Stevenson)

MacKay & Hamer – Community of Christ Perspective

John Hamer was ordained to the First Quorum of Seventy in October 2017. Lachlan MacKay is an apostle for the Community of Christ

120:  Start of RLDS Church & Mormon Schisms Tour (MacKay & Hamer)

119:  Surprising Word of Wisdom Insights from an Apostle (MacKay & Hamer)

118:  Mormon Followers of the Prophet James Strang (MacKay & Hamer)

117: Alice Cooper’s Roots in Lively Mormon Schisms (MacKay & Hamer)

116: Different Succession Claims:  Other Mormon Groups (MacKay & Hamer)

115:  Strange Kirtland Temple Ownership Problems (MacKay & Hamer)

114:  Comparing LDS & RLDS Temple Worship (MacKay & Hamer)

113: A Seventy & Apostle discuss myths & Kirtland Temple (MacKay & Hamer)

2017 in Review

112:  Top 20 Moments:  2017 in Review!

111:  Bonus:  MNR interviewed Me!

David Conley Nelson on LDS Church in Nazi Germany

Dr. David Conley Nelson, author of Moroni & the Swastika

110:  The Hübener Story You Didn’t Know (Nelson)

109:  How LDS Basketball & Genealogy Found Synergy with Hitler (Nelson)

108:  Rival Mission Presidents in Germany (Nelson)

107:  J Reuben Clark’s Harsh Feelings About Jews (Nelson)

106: Before Hitler:  German Persecution of LDS Church (Nelson)

105: German Police Monitored LDS Church (Nelson)

Greg Prince on Gays, LDS Leadership, Priesthood

Dr. Greg Prince, Mormon historian & author of David O. McKay biography

104: When did we start Ordaining Young Men? (Prince)

103: Naturalist Explanation for Word of Wisdom? (Prince)

102: Early LDS Priesthood: Similar to Ancient Christianity? (Prince)

101: Ailing Church Leaders:  “Not Ideal Governance.” (Prince)

100:  The 4 LDS Leadership Vacuums – What Happened? (Prince)

094: “There is Nothing in LDS Theology that Justifies Whacking Infants” (POX) – (Prince)

093: Greg Prince on History of LDS Policy Toward Gays

Anne Wilde on Modern Polygamy

Anne Wilde, founder of Principle Voices, modern-day Polygamy expert

099: Polygamy & 2002 Olympics (Wilde)

098: Law of Sarah/Concubines (Wilde)

097: Was Jesus a Polygamist? (Wilde)

096:  Ervil Lebaron: Polygamist, Assassin  (Wilde)

095:  FLDS-Centennial Park Rivalry (Wilde)

092:  How to Polygamists Feel about Gay Marriage? (Wilde)

091: 3rd Manifesto Causes Schism: Apostolic United Brethren (Wilde)

090: Did Woodruff Marry After the 1890 Manifesto? (Wilde)

089: Taylor’s 1886 Polygamy Uncanonized Revelation (Wilde)

Shannon Flynn on Mark Hofmann Forgeries/Bombings

088: Christmas Party Plea Deal (Flynn)

Shannon Flynn describes working with Mark Hofmann

087: Mark’s Unusual Prison Visitors (Flynn)

086: Would Hofmann Kill Again? (Flynn)

085: Should Hofmann Ever Be Released from Prison? (Flynn)

084: Shannon Goes to Jail for Hofmann (Flynn)

083: Hofmann’s Last Bomb Blew the Lid off Mormon History (Flynn)

082: Hoffman’s Best Fake:  Fooling the Lie Detector Test (Flynn)

081: Mark’s Million-Dollar Con (Flynn)

080: “I Cheat People.  That’s What I do for a Living.” (Flynn)

079: Hofmann’s Teenage Forgeries (Flynn)

Ugo Perego Talks DNA

Dr. Ugo Perego, Univ of Pavia, Mormon DNA expert

078: Did Ugo Write the Gospel Topics Essay?  What about Rodney Meldrum? (Perego)

077: How do Lemba Tribe & Viking DNA Relate to the Book of Mormon? Part 2 (Perego)

076: Why isn’t there a DNA match for the Book of Mormon?  Part 1 (Perego)

075: Is Evolution Compatible with the Bible? (Perego)

074: CSI: Mountain Meadows – Using DNA to Solve 2 Mysteries (Perego)

073: Ugo Discusses Critics  (Perego)

072: Who’s the Daddy (Part 2)?  Joseph or Windsor? (Perego)

071: Who’s the Daddy (Part 1)?  Smith or Pratt? (Perego)

070: Was Joseph Smith Irish? (Perego)

069: How do you Figure out 150 year-old Paternity? (Perego)

068: DNA 101:  Ugo Perego Introduces Basic DNA (Perego)

Interview with Remnant LDS Church

067: What are Remnant Church Views on Temple Worship? (Vun Cannon)

Jim Vun Cannon served as Counselor in the First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints until 2019.  Following the death of Pres Larsen in  2019, Jim left and is now president of the Everlasting Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Days.

066: Women Will Not Hold Priesthood! (Vun Cannon)

065: Joseph was a Monogamist! (Vun Cannon)

064: What’s the Order of Enoch?  Consecration in Modern World (Vun Cannon)

063: Jim Tackles DNA & Book of Mormon (Vun Cannon)

062: 18 Revelations to Gather to Missouri!  Remnant Church Scriptures (Vun Cannon)

061: What’s the RLDS Perspective on Succession Crisis? (Vun Cannon)

060: From Convert to First Presidency in 5 years!  (Vun Cannon)

059: Found!  A Literal Descendant of Aaron! (Vun Cannon)

Baja Theory of Book of Mormon Geography

058: What are the Strengths of the Baja Theory? (Rosenvall)

David Rosenvall put together scriptures.LDS.org and is co-author of Baja Theory of Book of Mormon

057: Solved!  DNA & Book of Mormon (Rosenvall)

056: Can David Answer Critics Questions about Animals, Steel, and Cumorah?  (Rosenvall)

055: Baja vs Meso:  Who Wins? (Rosenvall)

054: Book of Mormon on the Baja Peninsula?  (Rosenvall)

Polygamy with Brian Hales

053: Did Hales Write the Gospel Topics Essays? (Hales)

052: Emma Denied Joseph Practiced Polygamy?  (Hales)

051: Polygamy & the Temple Lot Case (Hales)

Dr. Brian Hales, Author of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

050: Joseph’s Youngest Teen Brides  (Hales)

049: Mormon Polyandry:  More Than One Husband? (Hales)

048: What are the Theological Justifications of Polygamy? (Hales)

047: Fanny Alger Part 2:  Marriage or Adultery? (Hales)

046: 1st Plural Wife Fanny Alger: Time or Eternity Polygamy?  (Hales)

045: Polygamy Rumors – Declaration on Marriage (Hales)

044: Does D&C 132 Conflict with Genesis? (Hales)

043: Canadian Polygamy – Should it be Legal? (Interview with Brian Hales)

Curt Bench on Hoffman Bombings

042: Hofmann Bombings Effects on Mormon History (Bench)

Curt Bench, Owner of Benchmark Books & key witness in Hofmann Forgery & Bombing Case

041: Should LDS Leaders have Detected Hofmann’s Fraud? (Bench)

040: Curt Bench’s role in Hofmann Bombings Court Case (Bench)

039: Bomb Day 2:  Other Targets? – Oct 16, 1985 (Bench)

038: Bomb Day 1:  2 Killed – October 15, 1985 (Bench)

037: White Salamander Letter & Other Forgeries (Bench)

036: Bombs in Salt Lake: Introduction to Mark Hofmann (interview with Curt Bench)

Darron Smith on Race, Religion, & Sport

035: Overcoming “Nice” Racism (Smith)

Dr. Darron Smith, teaches Sociology & Public Health at University of Memphis,

034: BYU Protests (Smith)

033: How do Minorities fare at BYU? (Smith)

032: True & False Rape Allegations at BYU (Smith)

031: How BYU Could Improve the Honor Code for Black Students (Smith)

030: Black Graduation Rates at BYU (Smith)

029: Disparities in Black/White Discipline (Smith)

028: The Student-Athlete Business (Smith)

027: Racial Portrayals of Christian Athletes (Dr. Darron Smith)

Dr. Richard Bennett on Evolution of Temple Worship

026: 1st International Temple was almost a Temple Ship!  (Bennett)

Dr. Richard E. Bennett, Professor of Church History at BYU

025: Ouija boards, Spiritualism, and the Endowments for the Dead (Bennett)

024: Sealing to GA’s by Law of Adoption (Bennett)

023: Temple Worship:  From Speaking in Tongues to Masonry (Bennett)

022: Selling Temples!!!! (Bennett)

021: Open Temples (Bennett)

017: Origins of Baptism for the Dead (Bennett)

015: Reclamation of Revelation (Dr Richard Bennett)

Mark Staker on History of Kirtland

Dr. Mark Staker, Ph.D in anthropology, LDS Church History Library

020: Kirtland Banking Crisis: Joseph Takes the Blame (Part 3-Staker)

019: Kirtland Banking Crisis: Why it Failed (Part 2-Staker)

018: Kirtland Banking Crisis:  Why a Bank?  (Part 1-Staker)

016: Elijah’s Visit & the Sealing Keys (Staker)

014: Did the Kirtland Temple Sparkle?  (Staker & Bennett)

013: Kirtland Temple University? (Staker)

012: Kirtland Era Polygamy (Staker)

011: Black Pete’s Mormon Mission in 1831 (Staker)

010: Black Pete:  The First Black Mormon (Staker)

Dr. Paul Reeve on Black Mormon History in Utah

009: Dr. Paul Reeve’s Role in Race Essay  (Reeve)

Dr. Paul Reeve – Prof of History, University of Utah.

008: Dating the LDS Temple and Priesthood Ban (Reeve)

007: Becoming a Fanboy of Orson Pratt (Reeve)

006: The Black Mormon Scandals (Reeve)

005: How did Joseph Smith Deal with Muslims?  and Chinese and Indians? (Reeve)

004: How did Others Deal with Slavery?  (Reeve)

003: How Mormons Became a Racial Category (Reeve)

Margaret Young on Jane Manning James

Rick Bennett, Darius Gray, and Margaret Young

002: Margaret also discusses her experiences combating racism in Part 2 of our conversation. Check it out!

001: Check out Part 1 of our interview with Margaret Young on the life of black Mormon Pioneer Jane Manning James.



Future Interviews

The following have agreed to be interviewed:

Janice Allred – Mormon Feminism

Linda Newell – Author of Mormon Enigma

Joanna Brooks – Author of Mormonism & White Supremacy

David Bokovoy – Biblical Scholarship

Gary Bergera – Editor of Arrington Biographies

Craig Thorsted – New location for Mt. Sinai

Michael Homer – Author of Joseph’s Temples, dealing with masonry

Kathleen Flake –  Bushman Chair of Mormon Studies at the University of Virginia

Peggy Fletcher Stack – Salt Lake Tribune religion reporter

These are “In the Can,” meaning they have been recorded and awaiting editing.

720: Jesse James – expert on Religious Demographic Trends

710: William Davis – Author of Visions in a Seer Stone

700: Terryl Givens – Author of Eugene England biography

690: Bill Russell – Community of Christ Historian

680: Willie Grills – Lutheran Pastor’s View of Mormonism

670: Paul Toscano – Author of The Serpent & the Dove

666: Matthew Gill – prophet of Restored Branch of Jesus Christ


Who should we interview?  Please tell us below!