035-Interview with Brian Hales

034-Nice Racism (Smith)

032-BYU Protests (Smith)

032-How do Minorities fare at BYU? (Smith)

031-How BYU Could Improve the Honor Code for Black Students (Smith)

030-Black Graduation Rates at BYU (Smith)

029-Disparities in Black/White Discipline (Smith)

028-The Student-Athlete Business (Smith)

027-Racial Portrayals of Christian Athletes (Dr. Darron Smith)

026-1st International Temple was almost a Temple Ship!  (Bennett)

025-Ouija boards, Spiritualism, and the Endowments for the Dead (Bennett)

024-Sealing to GA’s by Law of Adoption (Bennett)

023-Temple Worship:  From Speaking in Tongues to Masonry (Bennett)

022-Selling Temples!!!! (Bennett)

021-Open Temples (Bennett)

020-Kirtland Banking Crisis: Joseph Takes the Blame (Part 3-Staker)

019-Kirtland Banking Crisis: Why it Failed (Part 2-Staker)

018-Kirtland Banking Crisis:  Why a Bank?  (Part 1-Staker)

017-Origins of Baptism for the Dead (Bennett)

016-Elijah’s Visit & the Sealing Keys (Staker)

015-The Reclamation of Revelation (Dr Richard Bennett)

014-Did the Kirtland Temple Sparkle?  (Staker & Bennett)

013-Kirtland Temple University? (Staker)

012-Kirtland Era Polygamy (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

February is #BlackHistoryMonth.

011-Black Pete’s Mormon Mission in 1831

010-Black Pete:  The First Black Mormon (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

009-Dr. Paul Reeve’s Modern Lessons

008-Dating the LDS Temple and Priesthood Ban (Reeve)

007-Becoming a Fanboy of Orson Pratt (Dr Reeve discusses the Apostle)

006-The Black Mormon Scandals – Reeve on events inspiring the LDS priesthood/temple ban

005-How did Joseph Smith Deal with Muslims?  (and Chinese and Indians?)

004-How did Others Deal with Slavery?  Dr. Paul Reeve tells why Mormons were persecuted

003-How Mormons Became a Racial Category – interview with Dr. Paul Reeve, professor of History at University of Utah

002-Margaret also discusses her experiences combating racism in Part 2 of our conversation. Check it out!

001-Check out Part 1 of our interview with Margaret Young on the life of black Mormon Pioneer Jane Manning James.