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Future Interviews

The following have agreed to be interviewed:

190-Simon Southerton – Author of Losing a Lost Tribe, DNA researcher

180-Michael Homer – Author of Joseph’s Temples, dealing with masonry

170-George Potter – Researcher believes he’s found Nephi’s Harbor in Yemen

160-Matt Harris – CSU-Pueblo History Professor and author of several books on Mormonism

150-George Throckmorton – Forensic expert who discovered Hofmann frauds

140-Russell Stevenson – Biographer of Elijah Abel, early black Mormon missionary


These are “In the Can”, meaning they have been recorded and awaiting editing.

130-Newell Bringhurst – Author of Saints, Slaves, and Blacks

120-John Hamer – Seventy, Community of Christ, Succession Crisis, James Strang’s Voree Plates

110-Lachlan MacKay – Apostle of Community of Christ and Kirtland Temple Expert

100-David Conley Nelson – Author of Moroni & the Swastika, detailing Mormons in Nazi Germany

090-Ann Wilde Discusses Fundamentalist Split (Wilde)

078-Shannon Flynn Describes Mark Hoffman (Flynn)

Ugo Perego Talks DNA

Dr. Ugo Perego, Univ of Pavia, Mormon DNA expert

077-DNA topics/Rodney Meldrum (Perego)

076-DNA and Vikings/Lemba Tribe (Perego)

075-Book of Mormon Literalism (Perego)

074-Ugo Tackles Biblical Literalism (Perego)

073-DNA and the Mountain Meadows Massacre (Perego)

072-Was Josephine Lyon Daughter of Joseph Smith? (Perego)

071-Ugo Answers Critics  (Perego)

070-Joseph Smith’s Irish Ancestry! (Perego)

069-Uncovering Ancestral Paternity through DNA (Perego)

068-DNA 101:  Ugo Perego Introduces Basic DNA (Perego)

Published Interviews

Interview with Remnant LDS Church

067-What are Remnant Church Views on Temple Worship? (Vun Cannon)

Jim Vun Cannon, Counselor in the First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

066-Women Will Not Hold Priesthood! (Vun Cannon)

065-Joseph was a Monogamist! (Vun Cannon)

064-What’s the Order of Enoch?  Consecration in Modern World (Vun Cannon)

063-Jim Tackles DNA & Book of Mormon (Vun Cannon)

062-18 Revelations to Gather to Missouri!  Remnant Church Scriptures (Vun Cannon)

061-What’s the RLDS Perspective on Succession Crisis? (Vun Cannon)

060-From Convert to First Presidency in 5 years!  (Vun Cannon)

059-Found!  A Literal Descendant of Aaron! (Vun Cannon)

Baja Theory of Book of Mormon geography

058-What are the Strengths of the Baja Theory? (Rosenvall)

David Rosenvall put together scriptures.LDS.org and is co-author of Baja Theory of Book of Mormon

057-Solved!  DNA & Book of Mormon (Rosenvall)

056-Can David Answer Critics Questions about Animals, Steel, and Cumorah?  (Rosenvall)

055-Baja vs Meso:  Who Wins? (Rosenvall)

054-Book of Mormon on the Baja Peninsula?  (Rosenvall)

Polygamy with Brian Hales

053-Did Hales Write the Gospel Topics Essays? (Hales)

052-Emma Denied Joseph Practiced Polygamy?  (Hales)

051-Polygamy & the Temple Lot Case (Hales)

Dr. Brian Hales, Author of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

050-Joseph’s Youngest Teen Brides  (Hales)

049-Mormon Polyandry:  More Than One Husband? (Hales)

048-What are the Theological Justifications of Polygamy? (Hales)

047-Fanny Alger Part 2:  Marriage or Adultery? (Hales)

046-1st Plural Wife Fanny Alger: Time or Eternity Polygamy?  (Hales)

045-Polygamy Rumors – Declaration on Marriage (Hales)

044-Does D&C 132 Conflict with Genesis? (Hales)

043-Canadian Polygamy – Should it be Legal? (Interview with Brian Hales)

Curt Bench on Hoffman Bombings

042-Hofmann Bombings Effects on Mormon History (Bench)

Curt Bench, Owner of Benchmark Books & key witness in Hofmann Forgery & Bombing Case

041-Should LDS Leaders have Detected Hofmann’s Fraud? (Bench)

040-Curt Bench’s role in Hofmann Bombings Court Case (Bench)

039-Bomb Day 2:  Other Targets? – Oct 16, 1985 (Bench)

038-Bomb Day 1:  2 Killed – October 15, 1985 (Bench)

037-White Salamander Letter & Other Forgeries (Bench)

036-Bombs in Salt Lake: Introduction to Mark Hofmann (interview with Curt Bench)

Darron Smith on Racism

035-Overcoming “Nice” Racism (Smith)

Dr. Darron Smith, teaches Sociology & Public Health at University of Memphis,

034-BYU Protests (Smith)

033-How do Minorities fare at BYU? (Smith)

032-True & False Rape Allegations at BYU (Smith)

031-How BYU Could Improve the Honor Code for Black Students (Smith)

030-Black Graduation Rates at BYU (Smith)

029-Disparities in Black/White Discipline (Smith)

028-The Student-Athlete Business (Smith)

027-Racial Portrayals of Christian Athletes (Dr. Darron Smith)

Dr. Richard Bennett on Evolution of Temple Worship

026-1st International Temple was almost a Temple Ship!  (Bennett)

Dr. Richard E. Bennett, Professor of Church History at BYU

025-Ouija boards, Spiritualism, and the Endowments for the Dead (Bennett)

024-Sealing to GA’s by Law of Adoption (Bennett)

023-Temple Worship:  From Speaking in Tongues to Masonry (Bennett)

022-Selling Temples!!!! (Bennett)

021-Open Temples (Bennett)

Mark Staker on History of Kirtland

020-Kirtland Banking Crisis: Joseph Takes the Blame (Part 3-Staker)

019-Kirtland Banking Crisis: Why it Failed (Part 2-Staker)

018-Kirtland Banking Crisis:  Why a Bank?  (Part 1-Staker)

Dr. Mark Staker, Ph.D in anthropology, LDS Church History Library

017-Origins of Baptism for the Dead (Bennett)

016-Elijah’s Visit & the Sealing Keys (Staker)

015-The Reclamation of Revelation (Dr Richard Bennett)

014-Did the Kirtland Temple Sparkle?  (Staker & Bennett)

013-Kirtland Temple University? (Staker)

012-Kirtland Era Polygamy (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

February is #BlackHistoryMonth.

011-Black Pete’s Mormon Mission in 1831

010-Black Pete:  The First Black Mormon (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

009-Dr. Paul Reeve’s Modern Lessons

Dr. Paul Reeve – Prof of History, University of Utah.

008-Dating the LDS Temple and Priesthood Ban (Reeve)

007-Becoming a Fanboy of Orson Pratt (Dr Reeve discusses the Apostle)

006-The Black Mormon Scandals – Reeve on events inspiring the LDS priesthood/temple ban

005-How did Joseph Smith Deal with Muslims?  (and Chinese and Indians?)

004-How did Others Deal with Slavery?  Dr. Paul Reeve tells why Mormons were persecuted

003-How Mormons Became a Racial Category – interview with Dr. Paul Reeve, professor of History at University of Utah

Rick Bennett, Darius Gray, and Margaret Young

002-Margaret also discusses her experiences combating racism in Part 2 of our conversation. Check it out!

001-Check out Part 1 of our interview with Margaret Young on the life of black Mormon Pioneer Jane Manning James.


Who should we interview?  Please tell us below!