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Future Interviews

The following have agreed to be interviewed:

310-Michael Marquardt – LDS Church founding in Manchester, New York

300-Gary Bergera – Editor of Arrington Biographies

290-Craig Thorsted – New location for Mt. Sinai

280-Richard Turley – Mountain Meadows Massacre

270-Cheryl Bruno – forthcoming book on Masonry

260-Michael Homer – Author of Joseph’s Temples, dealing with masonry

250-Alex Baugh – BYU professor, Missouri and Haun’s Mill Massacre expert

240-Kurt Francom – Leading Saints Podcast


These are “In the Can”, meaning they have been recorded and awaiting editing.

240-Matt Harris on Ezra Taft Benson

230-Barbara Jones-Brown – Mountain Meadows Massacre


Steven Shields on Divergent Paths

Steven Shields has been writing about various Mormon Groups since the 1970s.
Steven Shields has been writing about various Mormon Groups since the 1970s.

225: Lafferties & Lebarons (Shields)

224: Non-Church Mormon Groups (Shields)

223: House of Aaron and Other Groups (Shields)

222: Fundamentalists and Cutlerites (Shields)

221: Was Samuel Smith poisoned? (Shields)

220: The 6-way Schism (Shields)

219: Steve’s Conversion from BYU to Community of Christ (Shields)

218: Introduction to Church of Christ – Temple Lot (Shields)


Published Interviews

Dorie’s Story on Hofmann Bombings

Dorie Olds describes her marriage and divorce to Mark Hofmann.
Dorie Olds describes her marriage and divorce to Mark Hofmann.

217: Mark’s Trial, Dorie’s 5 Minute Divorce (Olds)

216: “You May Be in Danger” (Olds)

215: Was Dorie Blamed for the Bombings? (Olds)

214: “Be Grateful for Adversity” (Olds)

213: Gaslighted by Mark (Olds)

212: Finding Mark’s First Forgery (Olds)


Dr. Nancy Ross/Sara Hanks – Where Must We Stand?

Dr. Nancy Ross - Dixie State Univ, and Sara Hanks, co-authors "Where We Must Stand."
Dr. Nancy Ross – Dixie State Univ, and Sara Hanks, co-authors “Where We Must Stand.”

211:  Feminist Favorites (Ross-Hanks)

210:  Must Women Be Ordained? (Ross-Hanks)

209: The F-word: Feminism (Ross-Hanks)

208: Nancy & Sara’s Spiritual Journey (Ross-Hanks)

207: Mormon Feminist Successes & Setbacks (Ross-Hanks)


Daniel Stone – The Forgotten Prophet

Dr. Daniel Stone wrote the First Biography of William BIckerton, prophet of the 3rd largest Mormon moveement.
Dr. Daniel Stone wrote the First Biography of William Bickerton, prophet of the 3rd largest Mormon movement.

206: How Rare a Mistake: Did Vincenzo Join Wrong Church? (Stone)

205: My Cousin Vinny: Alice Cooper’s Mormon Roots (Stone)

204: Writing History Without Getting in Trouble (Stone)

203: Reuniting the Bickerton Break (Stone)

202: Ousting a Prophet (Stone)

201: False Prophecies Are Possible! (Stone)

200: Civil War Prophecy Leads to Black Ordination (Stone)

199: Biblical Support to Ordain Women (Stone)

198: Bickerton Becomes Prophet (Stone)

197: Sidney’s Church Falls Apart (Stone)

196: Rigdon/Spalding Manuscript Theory (Stone)

Steve Mayfield – Mormons, Crime, & the FBI

Steve Mayfield is a crime lab photographer and Mormon documentation collector. Here he is holding a newspaper from 1877 on John D. Lee execution.
Steve Mayfield is a crime lab photographer and Mormon documentation collector. Here he is holding a newspaper from 1877 on John D. Lee execution.

195: Buying the Spalding Conspiracy (Mayfield)

194: What is the Dead Lee Scroll? (Mayfield)

193: John D. Lee’s Role in Mountain Meadows Massacre (Mayfield)

192: Mormons & the FBI (Mayfield)

191: Steve Mayfield: Crime Photographer (Mayfield)

190: Mormon Connection in Patty Hearst Kidnapping (Mayfield)


Michael Quinn – LDS Mystic & Historian

Historian Michael Quinn
Historian Dr. Michael Quinn, author or Wealth & Corporate Power

189: Women Have Had Priesthood since 1843! (Quinn)

188: Translation by Joseph Smith & James Strang (Quinn)

187: LDS Succession Crisis (Quinn)

186: Quinn on Hofmann (Quinn)

185: “The Church Makes No Distinction Between God & Mammon” (Quinn)

184: Would LDS Church Income Ever Support a Paid Ministry? (Quinn)

183: Are LDS Church Revenues really $50 Billion/Year? (Quinn)

182: Michael Quinn Discusses Deseret Hemp Company (Quinn)


Sandra Tanner – Mormon Critic’s View of Mark Hofmann

Sandra Tanner describes her interactions with Mark Hofmann
Sandra Tanner describes her interactions with Mark Hofmann

181: Sandra’s View on Hofmann Trial (Tanner)

180: What Does Sandra Tanner think about Biblical Forgeries? (Tanner)

179: Jerald’s Forensic Background (Tanner)

178: The Cowdery Forgery (Tanner)

177: How Jerald Tanner Identified Fake Salamander Letter (Tanner)

176: When Mark Hofmann met Sandra Tanner (Tanner)


George Throckmorton – Prosecutor’s View of Mark Hofmann

George Throckmorton (retired SLPD) discusses how he figured out how Mark Hofmann was forging documents. He previously worked in the Attorney General's Office at the State of Utah.
George Throckmorton (retired SLPD) discusses how he figured out how Mark Hofmann was forging documents. He previously worked in the Attorney General’s Office at the State of Utah.

175: Why was the Hofmann Sentence so Light? (Throckmorton)

174: Hofmann, LDS Leaders, & the McLellin Collection (Throckmorton)

173: Why Hofmann Killed his Best Friends (Throckmorton)

172: Who was the 3rd Bomb Intended For?  (Throckmorton)

171: More Hofmann Techniques & Forged Sports Memorabilia  (Throckmorton)

170: How Hofmann Fooled Experts with a Toy Chemistry Set (Throckmorton)

169: How George Became a Forensics Expert (Throckmorton)

Jonathan Stapley – The Power of Godliness

Dr. Jonathan Stapley Discusses evolution of LDS Priesthood Ordinances
Dr. Jonathan Stapley Discusses evolution of LDS Priesthood Ordinances

168:  Sealing & Born in Covenant:  A Guarantee of Heaven? (Stapley)

167:  History and Theological Implications of Baby Blessings (Stapley)

166:  Mormon History of Folk & Alternative Medicine (Stapley)

165:  Elder Oaks Groundbreaking Talk on Women & Priesthood (Stapley)

164:  The Mormon Priestess & Ordain Women (Stapley)

163:  Women Healers in LDS Temples (Stapley)

162:  Introduction to Cosmological Priesthood (Stapley)

Matt Harris – Black History WW2 to Present

Dr. Matt Harris, History Professor, CSU-Pueblo
Dr. Matt Harris, History Professor, CSU-Pueblo

161: Bruce R. McConkie Wrote Official Declaration 2! (Harris)

160: How Kimball Persuaded Apostles to Agree on Lifting Ban (Harris)

159: Almost Famous!  1969 Black Ordination Nixed by Lee (Harris)

158: Hugh B. Brown’s Attempt to End Ban in 1962! (Harris)

157: Did Pres. McKay Try to Rescind Ban in 1955? (Harris)

156: When, Where, & Why Did the One-Drop Rule Originate? (Harris)

155: Before 1978:  How LDS Leaders Handled Bi-racial Families in Brazil and South Africa (Harris)

Simon Southerton – Losing a Lost Tribe

Dr. Simon Southerton, author of “Losing a Lost Tribe”

154: Simon’s Thoughts on Noah’s Flood, Religious Beliefs (Southerton)

153: Vanishing DNA?  Lamanite DNA shouldn’t Vanish? (Southerton)

152: What is the Cohen Haplotype?  Do Lamanites Have It? (Southerton)

151: Simon Southerton Talks DNA, Excommunication (Southerton)


George Potter – Mt Sinai and Book of Mormon Trail

George Potter describes his search for Lehi’s Trail and Mount Sinai

150: Did Nephi Land in the Andes Mountains of Peru? (Potter)

149: Magi & Nephi’s Sea Trials (Potter)

148:  Found!  Nephi’s Harbor (Potter)

147: From the Desert to the Land Bountiful (Potter)

146: Walking in Lehi’s Footsteps on Frankincense Trail (Potter)

145: How are the Valley of Lemuel and Mount Sinai Related? (Potter)

144: Found!  The Real Mt. Sinai! (Potter)


Bill Smith – Author, Analyzing D&C 132

Dr. Bill Smith, Author, Textual Studies on the Doctrine & Covenants: The Plural Marriage Revelation.

143:  Joseph Smith’s Protology:  How are Spirit Babies Made? (Smith)

142:  Breaking Sealings: Who Has the Power? (Smith)

141:  How 132 Would Affect Future Revelation on Gays & Women (Smith)

140: Is Polygamy a Ticket to Heaven? (Smith)

139: Was Oliver Cowdery a Polygamist? (Smith)

138: Emma’s Up & Down Relationship with Polygamy (Smith)

137: LDS Literacy of Biblical Polygamy (Smith)

136: Dr. Bill Smith on the Origins of Polygamy  (Smith)

Newell Bringhurst – Author of Saints, Slaves, and Blacks

135:  Critiquing the Gospel Topics Essays (Bringhurst)

134: Role of Women in 4 American Religions (Bringhurst)

133: More about Polygamy: Bennett, Bushman, & Compton (Bringhurst)

Dr. Newell Bringhurst, author of several books on Mormon Histor

132:  Bringhurst’s Approach to Controversy (Bringhurst)

131:  Bringhurst on Bushman-Brodie (Bringhurst)

130:  Walker Lewis: Faithful Black Elder (Bringhurst)

129:  Warner McCary:  Real Native Genius? (Bringhurst)

128: How Lester Bush Debunked the Missouri Thesis (Bringhurst)

127: Writing Saints, Slaves, and Blacks (Bringhurst)


Russell Stevenson – Biographer of Elijah Abel, early black Mormon missionary

126:  The LDS Church in Africa (Stevenson)

Russell Stevenson, Biographer of Elijah Ables

125:  Elijah Ables’ Attempt for Temple Blessings (Stevenson)

124:  Why Brigham Changed his mind on Black Ordination (Stevenson)

123:  Trouble in Cincinnati:  Ables’ Time in Ohio (Stevenson)

122:  Ables’ Canadian Mission & Escape from the Mob (Stevenson)

121:  Early Life of Elijah Ables (Stevenson)

MacKay & Hamer – Community of Christ Perspective

John Hamer was ordained to the First Quorum of Seventy in October 2017. Lachlan MacKay is an apostle for the Community of Christ

120:  Start of RLDS Church & Mormon Schisms Tour (MacKay & Hamer)

119:  Surprising Word of Wisdom Insights from an Apostle (MacKay & Hamer)

118:  Mormon Followers of the Prophet James Strang (MacKay & Hamer)

117: Alice Cooper’s Roots in Lively Mormon Schisms (MacKay & Hamer)

116: Different Succession Claims:  Other Mormon Groups (MacKay & Hamer)

115:  Strange Kirtland Temple Ownership Problems (MacKay & Hamer)

114:  Comparing LDS & RLDS Temple Worship (MacKay & Hamer)

113: A Seventy & Apostle discuss myths & Kirtland Temple (MacKay & Hamer)

2017 in Review

112:  Top 20 Moments:  2017 in Review!

111:  Bonus:  MNR interviewed Me!

David Conley Nelson on LDS Church in Nazi Germany

Dr. David Conley Nelson, author of Moroni & the Swastika

110:  The Hübener Story You Didn’t Know (Nelson)

109:  How LDS Basketball & Genealogy Found Synergy with Hitler (Nelson)

108:  Rival Mission Presidents in Germany (Nelson)

107:  J Reuben Clark’s Harsh Feelings About Jews (Nelson)

106: Before Hitler:  German Persecution of LDS Church (Nelson)

105: German Police Monitored LDS Church (Nelson)


Greg Prince on Gays, LDS Leadership, Priesthood

Dr. Greg Prince, Mormon historian & author of David O. McKay biography

104: When did we start Ordaining Young Men? (Prince)

103: Naturalist Explanation for Word of Wisdom? (Prince)

102: Early LDS Priesthood: Similar to Ancient Christianity? (Prince)

101: Ailing Church Leaders:  “Not Ideal Governance.” (Prince)

100:  The 4 LDS Leadership Vacuums – What Happened? (Prince)

094: “There is Nothing in LDS Theology that Justifies Whacking Infants” (POX) – (Prince)

093: Greg Prince on History of LDS Policy Toward Gays

Anne Wilde on Modern Polygamy

Anne Wilde, founder of Principle Voices, modern-day Polygamy expert

099: Polygamy & 2002 Olympics (Wilde)

098: Law of Sarah/Concubines (Wilde)

097: Was Jesus a Polygamist? (Wilde)

096:  Ervil Lebaron: Polygamist, Assassin  (Wilde)

095:  FLDS-Centennial Park Rivalry (Wilde)

092:  How to Polygamists Feel about Gay Marriage? (Wilde)

091: 3rd Manifesto Causes Schism: Apostolic United Brethren (Wilde)

090: Did Woodruff Marry After the 1890 Manifesto? (Wilde)

089: Taylor’s 1886 Polygamy Uncanonized Revelation (Wilde)

Shannon Flynn on Mark Hofmann Forgeries/Bombings

088: Christmas Party Plea Deal (Flynn)

Shannon Flynn describes working with Mark Hofmann

087: Mark’s Unusual Prison Visitors (Flynn)

086: Would Hofmann Kill Again? (Flynn)

085: Should Hofmann Ever Be Released from Prison? (Flynn)

084: Shannon Goes to Jail for Hofmann (Flynn)

083: Hofmann’s Last Bomb Blew the Lid off Mormon History (Flynn)

082: Hoffman’s Best Fake:  Fooling the Lie Detector Test (Flynn)

081: Mark’s Million-Dollar Con (Flynn)

080: “I Cheat People.  That’s What I do for a Living.” (Flynn)

079: Hofmann’s Teenage Forgeries (Flynn)

Ugo Perego Talks DNA

Dr. Ugo Perego, Univ of Pavia, Mormon DNA expert

078: Did Ugo Write the Gospel Topics Essay?  What about Rodney Meldrum? (Perego)

077: How do Lemba Tribe & Viking DNA Relate to the Book of Mormon? Part 2 (Perego)

076: Why isn’t there a DNA match for the Book of Mormon?  Part 1 (Perego)

075: Is Evolution Compatible with the Bible? (Perego)

074: CSI: Mountain Meadows – Using DNA to Solve 2 Mysteries (Perego)

073: Ugo Discusses Critics  (Perego)

072: Who’s the Daddy (Part 2)?  Joseph or Windsor? (Perego)

071: Who’s the Daddy (Part 1)?  Smith or Pratt? (Perego)

070: Was Joseph Smith Irish? (Perego)

069: How do you Figure out 150 year-old Paternity? (Perego)

068: DNA 101:  Ugo Perego Introduces Basic DNA (Perego)

Interview with Remnant LDS Church

067: What are Remnant Church Views on Temple Worship? (Vun Cannon)

Jim Vun Cannon, Counselor in the First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

066: Women Will Not Hold Priesthood! (Vun Cannon)

065: Joseph was a Monogamist! (Vun Cannon)

064: What’s the Order of Enoch?  Consecration in Modern World (Vun Cannon)

063: Jim Tackles DNA & Book of Mormon (Vun Cannon)

062: 18 Revelations to Gather to Missouri!  Remnant Church Scriptures (Vun Cannon)

061: What’s the RLDS Perspective on Succession Crisis? (Vun Cannon)

060: From Convert to First Presidency in 5 years!  (Vun Cannon)

059: Found!  A Literal Descendant of Aaron! (Vun Cannon)

Baja Theory of Book of Mormon geography

058: What are the Strengths of the Baja Theory? (Rosenvall)

David Rosenvall put together scriptures.LDS.org and is co-author of Baja Theory of Book of Mormon

057: Solved!  DNA & Book of Mormon (Rosenvall)

056: Can David Answer Critics Questions about Animals, Steel, and Cumorah?  (Rosenvall)

055: Baja vs Meso:  Who Wins? (Rosenvall)

054: Book of Mormon on the Baja Peninsula?  (Rosenvall)

Polygamy with Brian Hales

053: Did Hales Write the Gospel Topics Essays? (Hales)

052: Emma Denied Joseph Practiced Polygamy?  (Hales)

051: Polygamy & the Temple Lot Case (Hales)

Dr. Brian Hales, Author of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

050: Joseph’s Youngest Teen Brides  (Hales)

049: Mormon Polyandry:  More Than One Husband? (Hales)

048: What are the Theological Justifications of Polygamy? (Hales)

047: Fanny Alger Part 2:  Marriage or Adultery? (Hales)

046: 1st Plural Wife Fanny Alger: Time or Eternity Polygamy?  (Hales)

045: Polygamy Rumors – Declaration on Marriage (Hales)

044: Does D&C 132 Conflict with Genesis? (Hales)

043: Canadian Polygamy – Should it be Legal? (Interview with Brian Hales)

Curt Bench on Hoffman Bombings

042: Hofmann Bombings Effects on Mormon History (Bench)

Curt Bench, Owner of Benchmark Books & key witness in Hofmann Forgery & Bombing Case

041: Should LDS Leaders have Detected Hofmann’s Fraud? (Bench)

040: Curt Bench’s role in Hofmann Bombings Court Case (Bench)

039: Bomb Day 2:  Other Targets? – Oct 16, 1985 (Bench)

038: Bomb Day 1:  2 Killed – October 15, 1985 (Bench)

037: White Salamander Letter & Other Forgeries (Bench)

036: Bombs in Salt Lake: Introduction to Mark Hofmann (interview with Curt Bench)

Darron Smith on Race, Religion, & Sport

035: Overcoming “Nice” Racism (Smith)

Dr. Darron Smith, teaches Sociology & Public Health at University of Memphis,

034: BYU Protests (Smith)

033: How do Minorities fare at BYU? (Smith)

032: True & False Rape Allegations at BYU (Smith)

031: How BYU Could Improve the Honor Code for Black Students (Smith)

030: Black Graduation Rates at BYU (Smith)

029: Disparities in Black/White Discipline (Smith)

028: The Student-Athlete Business (Smith)

027: Racial Portrayals of Christian Athletes (Dr. Darron Smith)

Dr. Richard Bennett on Evolution of Temple Worship

026: 1st International Temple was almost a Temple Ship!  (Bennett)

Dr. Richard E. Bennett, Professor of Church History at BYU

025: Ouija boards, Spiritualism, and the Endowments for the Dead (Bennett)

024: Sealing to GA’s by Law of Adoption (Bennett)

023: Temple Worship:  From Speaking in Tongues to Masonry (Bennett)

022: Selling Temples!!!! (Bennett)

021: Open Temples (Bennett)

017: Origins of Baptism for the Dead (Bennett)

015: Reclamation of Revelation (Dr Richard Bennett)

Mark Staker on History of Kirtland

Dr. Mark Staker, Ph.D in anthropology, LDS Church History Library

020: Kirtland Banking Crisis: Joseph Takes the Blame (Part 3-Staker)

019: Kirtland Banking Crisis: Why it Failed (Part 2-Staker)

018: Kirtland Banking Crisis:  Why a Bank?  (Part 1-Staker)

016: Elijah’s Visit & the Sealing Keys (Staker)

014: Did the Kirtland Temple Sparkle?  (Staker & Bennett)

013: Kirtland Temple University? (Staker)

012: Kirtland Era Polygamy (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

011: Black Pete’s Mormon Mission in 1831 (Staker)

010: Black Pete:  The First Black Mormon (interview with Dr. Mark Staker)

Dr. Paul Reeve on Black Mormon History in Utah

009: Dr. Paul Reeve’s Role in Race Essay

Dr. Paul Reeve – Prof of History, University of Utah.

008: Dating the LDS Temple and Priesthood Ban (Reeve)

007: Becoming a Fanboy of Orson Pratt (Dr Reeve discusses the Apostle)

006: The Black Mormon Scandals – Reeve on events inspiring the LDS priesthood/temple ban

005: How did Joseph Smith Deal with Muslims?  (and Chinese and Indians?)

004: How did Others Deal with Slavery?  Dr. Paul Reeve tells why Mormons were persecuted

003: How Mormons Became a Racial Category – interview with Dr. Paul Reeve, professor of History at University of Utah

Margaret Young on Jane Manning James

Rick Bennett, Darius Gray, and Margaret Young

002: Margaret also discusses her experiences combating racism in Part 2 of our conversation. Check it out!

001: Check out Part 1 of our interview with Margaret Young on the life of black Mormon Pioneer Jane Manning James.


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