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Was Jesus the Groom at Wedding at Cana?

The Wedding at Cana is the scene of the first miracle of Jesus where he turns water to wine.  David Patrick is an apostle of Christ’s Church and Anne Wilde is a polygamy expert.  They make the case that this wedding Jesus attended is his own wedding.  Who did he marry?  What scriptures lead them to believe this is Jesus’ own wedding?

Anne:  [Jesus] did not live in Cana. So this was not at their home. They lived in Nazareth at the time, or at least Mary did. Then she came over from them. And then it says that shortly after the marriage, in Cana, he went to Capernaum. Well, on the way over there, you have to go through Magdala. You go through Tiberius. Magdala and Copernaum are on the Sea of Galilee. Magdala was where Mary Magdalene was from. And in our study and research, we’ve come to the conclusion that Mary Magdalene was one of his wives. Whether or not that was her wedding to Jesus or Martha and Mary, who we also believe were his wives. We don’t really know who the bride was at this time. Joseph F. Smith said he thought it was Mary and Martha at that wedding.

GT:  So Jesus was marrying both of the sisters?

Anne: Yes, at the same time. That was Joseph F. Smith, that’s the sixth president of the church. That was his statement.

David:  If you go into the Jewish Encyclopedia, you can also see that. What is the groom’s family in charge of? What are they responsible for? The wine and the meat. And so all of a sudden now with the groom’s family meaning Jesus, fulfilling the Jewish responsibility to provide the wine. So yeah, these are not explicitly saying Jesus was married. I consider them Bible clues. And as we cruise through the Bible, we’re going to find these words little tidbits and clues, but it’s never going to outright say it.

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  1. There is no word for “bachelor” in biblical Hebrew, because the first commandment was to leave father and mother, get married and multiply and replenish the earth. Jesus was a good Jew, and followed the commandments. For him to have any religious authority and be called Master and Rabbi, he had to be married in that historical context (beyond LDS religious beliefs that marriage is necessary for exaltation). However, the wedding at Cana happens when Jesus is beginning his ministry, around age 30. That is far too late for Jesus to be the groom, which would have probably happened more than a decade earlier.

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