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Hiding from Hofmann (Part 2 of 13)

What was it like to go into hiding when those pipe bombs went off in Salt Lake City in 1985?  Brent Ashworth will tell us that his wife asked him not to meet with Mark Hofmann and saved his life!  We’ll go into that crazy week in October 1985 and find out Brent’s reactions to the bombing and taking his family out of town to protect them.  At the time, Brent didn’t even know who he was hiding from!

Brent: Our family had taken off because we were told by four people when they announced Hofmann had been blown up to get out of town. Three were attorney friends. Two [were] in the Keybank Tower, Brent Christensen and Steve Woodland. And then Rich Hill from Provo heard that on the radio, and he called me and I appreciate that. But none of those calls got us moving. It wasn’t until I heard from Jay Todd at the Church, the Ensign editor who called me up and said, “The brethern wanted me to call you and tell you to get your family out of town.” That’s the call that got us moving. And we went down to St. George for a couple of days. And it was while we were down on the Coral Reef Inn on the main drag there, [St. George] Boulevard that a lady comes to the swimming pool. We’ve got a bunch of kids in the pool. And she said, “Is there somebody named Brent Ashworth here?”

I said, “Yeah, that’s me.”

“There is a guy on the phone that says he’s the chief of police in Salt Lake wants to talk to you.”

And I thought, “Oh, brother,” and so I got on the phone.

Check out our conversation….

Brent Ashworth was told to leave town following the 3rd bomb blast in 2 days in Salt Lake City.  He and his family went into hiding.

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