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Dan Vogel was a McConkie Mormon! (Part 1)

Fixed audio!  Historian Dan Vogel is one of the premiere experts on the life of Joseph Smith.  In part one of our interview, we will talk about his early life growing up in Mormonism, and I was a bit surprised to find out what a big fan of Bruce R. McConkie he was!

Dan:  I really liked research and writing on early Mormon history. Ever since I was about 16 and then going on it pretty hard. Before my mission, I had read all the standard works. I had practically all the inspired version, all the changes underlined in it from reading Bruce R. McConkie’s, New Testament Commentary. When I read those three volumes, as a teenager,

GT:  You were a McConkie Mormon, then?

Dan: Yes, and he came to my mission.

GT: Oh, really?

Dan:  Yeah. He came to my mission.

GT:  Where did you go?

Dan:  Birmingham, England. He came my mission. He was one of my heroes, because he was a scriptorian, and I was kind of scriptorian myself, as a kid. You know, I was really gung ho on seminary, going to seminary and raising my hand, “I know that! I know that!” So I was very annoying.

GT: This is early morning seminary?

Dan: Oh, yeah.

GT:  I feel bad for these people outside of Utah that don’t have release time seminary. That was too early for me.

We will talk about his mission, and his change in beliefs.  By the way, at the beginning of this episode, I introduce Dan as “Dr. Dan Vogel.”  He does not hold a Ph.D., so that is not correct.  Sorry about that slip up on my part, but I hope you enjoy the rest of episode 1.  Check out our conversation…..

Dan Vogel no longer believes in the LDS Church, but he used to be a big fan of apostle Bruce R. McConkie!

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