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*Reflecting on Gospel Topics Essays (Part 5 of 5)

As we mentioned previously with our interview with Dr. Matt Harris, the Swedish Rescue was instrumental in leading Church leaders to release the Gospel Topics essays. Hans Mattsson was a key figure in the Swedish Rescue, and we’ll talk about his involvement in the Swedish Rescue and what he thinks about the Gospel Topics essays now.

GT:  So, let me ask you this question. So the [Gospel Topics] Essays started coming out, I think it was November of 2013. If those had come out 10 years earlier? Would you still be a member of the Church?

Hans:  It’s hard to answer that question, but I also know that if those papers come out that early, maybe I would have left earlier.

GT:  Oh, really?

Hans:  Yeah, because that would tell me that they have not been honest for so many years. They have hidden things that are now published.

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Hans Mattsson and I are reflecting on the Gospel Topics essays. If they came out sooner, would that have made a difference?

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