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What’s in Sealed Book of Mormon? (Part 7 of 9)

What’s in the sealed Book of Mormon? The late Dr. John Pratt tells us what is in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon that Mauricio Berger translated.

John: I’ll tell you what’s in the part that it has been published. There’s three main books in it. The first is called the Words of Moroni, and like the Words of Mormon in the Book of Mormon, which explains a little bit what’s going on, the Words of Moroni explains what’s going on. Basically, it explains that there’s some books in the first, the plates that Mauricio is going to translate. Some of them will be in the first part, edition, and some will be in the second. He says that most people will not accept it, in this generation. In a couple more generations, most of the LDS Church will have accepted this as true, but not at first. [It says] that we don’t get the second half until we learn what’s in the first half. So, that’s just his words, explaining.

John:  The two main books in it are the sealed Book of Moses, and the Acts of the Three Nephites. I can do them both just in a sentence or so.

John:  That was the short sentence that said [that] the whole sealed Book of Moses is the history of the world of a high priests’ manual, and also how Satan will mimic it with his priesthood. It shows how Satan will have these academic universities where they join the skull and crossbones in these orders, to gain the secret knowledge, the Rosicrucian’s, and all. Satan will have his parallels, and this is shown:  Nimrod, and what’s going on, all through history. So, in one sentence, it’s a high priests’ manual.

John:  The church has never needed a high priests manual, because they haven’t had any real high priests. It’s sad, but true. Then, the book after that is the Acts of the Three Nephites. When you hear that name, you think, “Oh, boy, this is going to be about turning rivers out of their courses and moving mountains, and great healings.” I mean, Three Nephites, they’re going to be amazing.” If somebody were faking the book, I think that might be what they would do. But this is a book written to prepare for the Second Coming, to prepare what is needed. What is it we need? There’s a lot of things in the Acts of the Three Nephites. But one of the main things is, it’s the instructions on how to successfully start the United order. I read that and I thought, “If anybody’s faking a book, they’re not going to say, ‘Well, you know what? Joseph Smith tried to start the United order and failed. Then Brigham Young really tried.'”

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What's in Sealed Book of Mormon? (Part 7 of 9)
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