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Three Churches of Mormonism (Part 8 of 9)

The late Dr. John Pratt says there are 3 churches of Mormonism. He’ll talk about the purpose that each church fulfills.

John:  The restoration branches. This is really important. There are three main restoration branches, and the Lord has worked with all three of them, and each one is doing a job. Brigham Young, even though he wasn’t a high priest, he did have the keys of an apostle. What’s the job of an apostle? It’s to spread the gospel over the world. What’s the main thing the LDS Church has done? It’s spread the gospel all over the world. The Book of Mormon has gone everywhere. That’s wonderful. That’s amazing. It’s a true book. So that was the job of the LDS Church. Sure, they got off track on other stuff, okay. Alright, the Sacrament’s not perfect.

John:  This is something–oh, there’s a whole story about lineal succession, which is another story. I’ll just say it very briefly. Joseph Smith made it clear that his successor was to be his son, Joseph Smith, the third. He was ordained, anointed and ordained in the presence of several people who testify of that. But he’s only 11 years old at the martyrdom. Somebody had to be the guardian of the Church until he was old enough. Sidney Rigdon, he’s known to have stood up and said, “I’ll be the guardian until that time,” in the big debate. Then Brigham Young gets up and says that the Twelve can be. They vote for the Twelve.

John:  In any case, the Temple Lot did keep it, no matter who was suing them. So, the Temple Lot people have kept the temple lot. The others have the lineage and Mormons have the [missionary work.] But, they’re all important, and right now they’re all coming together. The apostles in this new church, two of them are from the Temple Lot and I think one is from Reorganized and one is from LDS. So, they’re coming together.

John:  There are prophecies in Isaiah about this.

John definitely has an unusual interpretation for this Isaiah prophecy. Check out our conversation….

Three Churches of Mormonism (Part 8 of 9)
John says the LDS, RLDS, and Temple Lot Churches all play big roles in the Restoration.

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