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Mark’s Unknown Half Million$ Deal (Part 3 of 13)

One thing missed in the recent Netflix documentary, “Murder Among the Mormons,” as well as nearly every other treatment of the Hofmann dealings is an unknown, nearly half-million-dollar deal between Brent Ashworth and Mark Hofmann.  We’ll talk more about this deal that ended up partially burned in the back of Mark’s Toyota MR2.

Brent:  I was worried about the about the half million dollars worth of stuff I bought from him. And I don’t know anybody else that got as much stuff from him as maybe the church, as I got. I mean they talk about Al Rust $185,000. Al was hurt financially, very badly, and I don’t mean to put that down. But my my last deal with him was for $400,000. I told the cops $450,000. It turned out that Mark had written our deal down and in his papers that I eventually got it had our deal twice with what he wanted. And it was $435,000.

They amazing thing is that Mark wanted to buy back the forgeries that he had previously sold Brent.  Find out what was in the collection, and why Mark wanted it back. Check out our conversation….

Mark Hofmann had 3rd unknown deal worth half-million-dollars at time of bombings in 1985.

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