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Brazil Golden Plates (Part 5 of 9)

Have you heard about the Brazil Plates? The late Dr. John Pratt is going to tell us more about them!

GT:  Okay, so, tell us about the Brazilian group. How did you get associated with them?

John:  Somebody in April of 2019, a friend sends me a link and says, “Hey, a guy in Brazil claims that the Angel Moroni visited him, gave him the golden plates. He’s translated them and it just came out on March 26, 2019.

GT:  That’s an interesting date.

John:  Yeah. Then, I perked up. I had looked at Chris Nemelka’s book that came out in 2005. I had looked at–I try to be open to all. I mean, let’s look at this. So, [the book] cost a whole $5. It’s a 200-page book. It was on Amazon. It was five bucks. Obviously, nobody was making any money on this. That’s the cost of printing. So, I buy one and read it. I believe it.

GT:  This is the sealed portion.

John:  It was called the Sealed Book of Mormon, and it’s the translation. The story behind it is that this man in Brazil had Angel Moroni appear to him. Well, first, [there were] several angels. Angel Raphael came to him first and told him the long-term thing. Then, Angel Moroni comes and spends years with him and three witnesses, teaching them what they need to know, before he’s actually given the plates, the urim and thummin, and the sword of Laban.  So, here’s a man–if you open the book–here’s a man. And his first question was, by the way, “Why me?” If you read all through the Bible, every prophet first question: “Why me?”  Anyway, his name is Mauricio Berger, a German name and he’s of German descent.  [There are a] lot of Germans in southern Brazil. He said, “Why not somebody in in the United States?  He was LDS, a member of the LDS Church. The answer was, “Nobody in the United States is worthy to do it,” which is quite a statement. Anyway, he translates. He is given the urim and thummim, those interpreter stones.

GT:  Not a seer stone.

John:  Not one seer stone. He’s given the ones in…

GT:  The same ones as Joseph Smith.

John:  The same ones as Joseph Smith used.

GT:  The spectacles and the breastplate.

John:  Well, to my knowledge, he didn’t get the breastplate. At some point, I think Joseph disconnected them from the breastplate, because they were set up to where the breastplate, which would hold something, which would hold them in front of your eyes, like a pair of glasses. There were better ways to do that all that paraphernalia.

John:  I’m saying the whole stack is six inches tall. It used to be two thirds of it was sealed, and the top 1/3 was both the book of Lehi that was lost and the Book of Mormon that we have. Well, there’s about a sixth, that takes it down to half. The bottom half is totally sealed with two big rivets through the whole thing, like a nail with head on both sides, so shut. But there were 42 plates that Mauricio was allowed to unseal in the presence of the three witnesses and the eight witnesses. So, there’s 12 people that saw that being unsealed. Of those 42 plates, he has translated the first 19 into this book called The Sealed Book. Now, it’s called The Sealed Book instead of just The Sealed Book of Mormon, because of litigation with the LDS Church that has copyrighted Mormon’s name.

GT:  I thought we weren’t Mormons anymore.

John:  They’ve copyrighted that name.

GT:  The Book of Mormon is a copyrighted name?

John:  No, the name Mormon is a copyrighted name. What if they copyrighted the name John, or Jeff or something? I mean, I don’t think their church is going to win the litigation. But, it turns out–anyway, so the name has been changed to just The Sealed Book, but It’s only 19 plates that he’s translated. There’s going to be another 23 plates that he’s still going to translate. I will be one of the witnesses of the next part that comes out of the 23 plates. There’s a different set of plates.

GT:  Oh, so there’s a sequel coming.

John:  There’s a sequel. But it doesn’t come until we’ve learned to live by what’s in the first part. So, at some point I’d like to explain–I am explaining about two plates. Now, I’d like to explain kind of what’s in them and why people should read them.

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  1. Rick, great interview. I hadn’t heard about Mauricio Berger translation before. If he speaks English, you’ve got to get him on your podcast.

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