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Rick Bennett, host of Gospel Tangents

My name is Rick Bennett, and I love Mormon history, science, and theology.  This is THE place to talk about that.  If that describes you, I think you will really enjoy this podcast. We talk with the best scholars in the world on Mormon history, science, and theology, regardless of their affiliation with the LDS Church.  The idea here is you don’t even need to be LDS to enjoy this podcast, just simply the church started by Joseph Smith.

You may wonder why it’s called Gospel Tangents?  At church we have Gospel Principles & Gospel Doctrine.  This is a spin-off of that–it’s the Gospel Tangents class–the class you might have out in the hall where you can talk about all the fun and controversial stuff that you won’t get in the other 2 classes!  We don’t shy away from anything:  polygamy, the racial ban, Mountain Meadows Massacre, the Mark Hoffman bombings, Masonry, DNA & the Book of Mormon, multiple First Vision accounts.  It’s all fair game.  If you want us to talk about something, please let us know!

Who would be interested in this website?  We welcome all flavors of Mormons:  active Mormons, inactive Mormons, former Mormons, the Community of Christ–anyone who has an interest in the restoration of the gospel that Joseph Smith restored in 1830.  We want a 360 degree view of Mormonism.  Of course we’ll talk to LDS Scholars, Brian Hales, Paul Reeve, Mark Staker, and Ugo Perego but we’ll also talk to people like Lach MacKay, an apostle for the Community of Christ, Jim Vun Cannon, a counselor in the First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Anne Wilde, a practicing polygamist, David Rosenvall who has an unusual theory of Book of Mormon Geography, as well as Curt Bench & Shannon Flynn, witnesses of the Hofmann Bombings.

We’re going to hit all the tough topics:  Polygamy, DNA & the Book of Mormon, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the black priesthood/temple ban, to name just a few.  We are going to hit them head-on.  We’re not going to sugar coat anything, we’re not going to destroy faith, we’re not going to bear testimony.  We’re not going to put up with anti-Mormon people here.  The idea here is to create a safe space, where we can talk about Mormon history in an objective way as possible.  All history is subjective, but we’re going to try to be as objective as possible with the best history, the best science, the best theology, everything like that.  If that sounds interesting to you, this is going to be a fun podcast.  I think you will really enjoy this.

Gospel Tangents originally started in 2011 to publish some books illustrated by my children to help them get more familiar with the scriptures.  In 2017, I decided to start producing podcasts with the idea to create documentaries highlighting important events in Mormon History. I hope you’ll subscribe to our newsletter to get important Announcements and let us know other topics you are interested in.  Your support will help me build better resources, like creating classes on various Mormon history topics of interest to you!

Why donate?

So far this has been an expensive a labor of love.  It won’t last unless you subscribe.  I’d like to use your donations to get another camera, and I would like to put together some professional documentaries.  This means I need to hire people.  I’d be happy to give you credit for helping put this together.  So far I have been doing simple editing, but even that takes hours.  It would be nice to hire someone to free me up and produce podcasts with greater frequency, as well as make the whole project look more professional.  It is nearly a full-time job to put these up every few days, and I would really like some help so this isn’t a one man show.  I must pay for all of my supplies, cameras, microphones, transportation, etc.  Please help keep this podcast alive and help me hire some help!

Please support us any way you can.  Through your support, we can create classes to talk about the Mark Hofmann bombings, polygamy, the black priesthood/temple ban, or whatever you are interested in.  We want to create good history, good science, good theology, and we want to do it in a way that is acceptable to both members of faith as well as members of non-faith.  We are not looking for a lot of bashing, or testimony bearing.  We want to create a respectful atmosphere.

I am happy to visit individuals, groups, wards, and stakes to do firesides, presentations, and private meetings to help us all explore Mormon History, Science, and Theology.  I would love to speak on a variety of topics, such as the evolution of temple work, history of blacks in the LDS Church, Book of Mormon geography, the Hofmann bombings, etc.

Please fill out the contact form below or send me an email at gospel tangents at gmail dot com if you would like me to speak at a fireside, do a presentation, or simply tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.  I’d also like to hear from you if you are interested in creating art or music for our upcoming documentaries.  As for the future, which topics would you like me to address?