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Why Start Gospel Tangents? (Part 3 of 5)

Steven Pynakker is the evangelical host of Mormon Book Reviews.  He and I sat down to discuss why I started Gospel Tangents.

GT:  When I went back to get my master’s degree, I quit my job, and decided to go back to school and I got a part-time job. I had a lot more time, plus I was commuting up to the University of Utah, and I got into podcasting. I decided to start my own blog. I did a little bit of blogging for about 10 years. Then, I thought, “You know what? I like this. I’m going put my name out there, and we’ll see if anybody listens.”

So, I decided to start Gospel Tangents. Let’s see, this is my fifth year, so about four and a half years ago.  I should mention the name, Gospel Tangents. I had a couple of friends in college, and they were debating about whether Adam had a belly button or not, which, apparently, I didn’t know at the time, somehow related the Adam-God doctrine. I don’t know how that works. So, we were standing there talking, kind of debating this, and I don’t know that anybody even would ever know, but the one guy made the quip, “Yeah this is the Gospel Tangents class out in the hall.”  I just thought that was the coolest, so that’s kind of where I got the name.

When my kids were younger, they were probably 8, 9, 10, around there.  I had told them a Book of Mormon story and they didn’t know it.  I was like, “You don’t know about Nephi and Laban and all that stuff?”  So, I was like, “Alright, well, we’re going to make a little Book of Mormon for Kids.”  Then, my 10-year-old goes, “We could sell it.”  I’m like, “Nobody’s going to buy this. Are you kidding me?”  But, then I thought, “Oh, Amazon has this thing where you can publish it.”  I was like, we’ll sell it for $1.  I was shocked.  My kids drew these little stick-figure drawings.  They’re not good at all, but they were what they did.  The purpose was just to teach them about the scriptures, and I printed out a copy. II was shocked that people were buying these things.  For $1, who cares? So, then so we did the Bible for Kids.  We were like, “Oh we’re going to sell that for $3, because anybody will buy that.[1]  So, I kind of did that under the Gospel Tangents umbrella at the time.  But, it was about four and a half years ago when I finally said, “I love Mormon history. I’m going to start doing this.”

[1] We also did a Triple Combination called “LDS Scriptures for Kids” for sale at .  My daughter complained there weren’t enough stories about women, so we created “Women of the Bible for Kids,” which is available at .

What are your thoughts about Gospel Tangents?  Check out our conversation…

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