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Future of Church History

Historians don’t usually talk about the future, because they are historians!  In our next episode with Dr. Casey Griffiths, he will talk about what he thinks will be the biggest future events in church history, as well as what some events of the recent past will make impacts in future Church history.  Check out our conversation….

Casey:  Even the things that are happening right now, it’s difficult to kind of pull back and say, “How big a deal is this going to be in 20 years? Are we even going to think twice about it? Or is it going to be something that really becomes huge in the history of the Church, the way it works.  The Family Proclamation, which we put in, has had big ripple effects. The Perpetual Education Fund, which we put in, isn’t talked about as much anymore, though, I do think that if you look at the long-term effects of the Perpetual Education Fund, it’s going play a big role in the development of the Church, especially the International Church. So, it was a fun thought experiment to kind of sit down and have conversations. We, by the way, it wasn’t just the three of us. I was walking into people’s office and saying, “Give me your top five events.” They usually, the First Vision coming forth, the Book of Mormon, Priesthood is restored. I go, “Okay, give me your top five in the 20th century. Give me your top five in the last 20 years.”

So what are your top 5 events in the last 20 years?  What do you see in the future of Church history? Check out our conversation.

What will the future of Church history look like? Dr. Casey Griffithsshares what he’s looking for.

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