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Rick’s Family History (Part 4 of 6)

Back in Nov 2019, I sat down over Zoom with Richie T Steadman of The Cultural Hall Podcast. He asked about my background.

Richie:  Rick Bennett is one of those names that I’m like, I feel like I know 10 Rick Bennetts. Right? Like it’s a common name or like, you know, like, you could say out loud. Hey, you know, Rick Bennett? And I could affirmatively say yes, knowing that somewhere in the combination of people that I know, there has been a Rick Bennett, but this particular Rick Bennett, he is the host of the Gospel Tangents podcast, so I’m sure we’ll talk a little bit about that. He’s a church history nerd. So we’ll try and avoid getting really deep into that stuff. He and I but I also want to get a chance to get to know him. Welcome to the Cultural Hall. Rick,

GT:  I’m glad to be on the show. This is great. By the way, I’m the second Rick Bennett in my family. I am not unique.

Richie:  Are you a junior? Is that how that works?

GT:  I am a junior. Yep, that’s right.

Richie:  So, is there a third?

GT:  By the way, there’s a BYU professor named Richard E. Bennett. So, I call him my much shorter twin. He’s a lot shorter than I am. He’s from Canada, though. My dad’s from New Jersey.

Richie:  Born in the USA, that’s what you are. Now let me ask you this. Is the Richard E. Bennett at BYU, is he a history or religion professor? Does it get crowded or complicated as far as that goes?

GT:  Oh, yes, he’s actually–I’ve interviewed him on my podcast, believe it or not.  He’s a big time church history nerd, like me. Even more of a history nerd than me, probably.

Richie:  I hope that that episode was called Richard E. Bennett squared. If it wasn’t, you missed a great opportunity on that.

GT:  I need to have you helped me title my stuff.

Richie:  You can call me anytime, people know that. Now, let’s get to you. You said Jersey-born. So, how do we get from New Jersey to here?

GT:  Well, you’re talking about my dad. So my dad grew up in New Jersey, non-Mormon, really rough life.  He joined the Air Force at 17, forged his dad’s signature to get in.  He met a Hawaiian girl in South Dakota, believe it or not.

Richie:  Oh, that’s how you do it.

GT:  She introduced him to the Church. Then, after he got on the Air Force, they said, “Well, where do you want to live?” He said, “Well, now that I’m a Mormon, I’ll live in Utah.”  So, that’s where he met my mom, and that’s how we got to Utah. I grew up in mostly in Utah. I lived about four years in New Hampshire. My dad took a job back East. So, I got to see the east coast a little bit, and then South Carolina on my mission. So, I’ve been kind of on both coasts, but mostly Utah.

Check out our conversation….

Rick sat down with Richie T Steadman over Zoom in The Cultural Hall Podcast.


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