Person Interviewed: Sally Gordon

U of Penn professor Sally Gordon explains Black & Indian slavery in Utah.
Curse of Cain

Black & Indian Slavery in Utah

The Act in Relation to Service legalized slavery in Utah in 1852. Dr. Sally Gordon tells more about how the statute affected both Black & Indian slavery in Utah. Check out our conversation…. Copyright ©

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Legal Complications of Polygamy (Part 2 of 7)

What are the legal complications of polygamy? Kody Brown recently filed a lawsuit to make polygamy law legal.  While interracial marriage and even gay marriage are easily accommodated in U.S. law, Dr. Sally Gordon says

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Twin Relics of Barbarism (Part 1 of 7)

The Republican Party platform of 1856 was founded to eradicate the “twin relics of barbarism: slavery & polygamy.”  Why would they link the two together?  Dr. Sally Gordon explains a political reason to tie the

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