Person Interviewed: Paul Reeve

Dr Paul Reeve is head of Mormon Studies at University of Utah
Baptism for the Dead

Paul Reeve Discusses the Race Ban

Here’s another classic from the archives. This is the first time we’ve released the entire interview of Dr. Paul Reeve. The interview occurred back in January 2017. Paul discusses his amazing book, “Religion of a

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Pros & Cons of Race Essay (Part 4 of 7)

We’re moving on to a critique of the Race and Priesthood essay on the LDS Church website.  What are the strengths and weaknesses?  Is it a definitive repudiation of racism?  Dr. Matt Harris & Dr.

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Paul Reeve’s Role in Race Essay

It’s time to conclude #BlackHistoryMonth, and here’s my latest conversation with Dr. Paul Reeve!  In recent years the LDS Church has published a series of essays with a goal of giving Latter-day Saints good information

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Becoming a Fanboy of Orson Pratt

With the last-lasting priesthood and temple ban that ended in 1978, Mormons have a poor record with regards to race relations.  I talked about reasons why Brigham Young changed from support of ordination of blacks

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The Black Mormon Scandals

In March 1847, Brigham Young was quoted as being favorably aware of Q. Walker Lewis, a black Elder in the LDS Church in Boston.  But in February 1852, he is quoted as saying that black

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