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Michael Quinn: The Full Interview

As we conclude the month of September, I wanted to conclude with the full interview of Dr. Michael Quinn. He passed away unexpectedly April 21, 2021. To commemorate the September Six, I’m pulling an interview

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Women Have Priesthood Since 1843! (Part 8)

[paypal-donation] In 1992, Dr. Michael Quinn published an essay stating that women have priesthood, and have held the priesthood since 1843.  It was one of the reasons church leaders cited in excommunicating him.  This will

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Smith & Strang Translation Process (Part 7)

We’re continuing our discussion of the Succession Crisis. Strang was known to translate the Voree Plates. How does that compare to Book of Mormon translation process Joseph Smith did? Michael Quinn tells his beliefs about the

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LDS Succession Crisis (Part 6)

Dr. Michael Quinn is one of the foremost experts on the LDS Succession Crisis.  He says there were seven legitimate succession claims following the death of Joseph Smith.  In a previous interview, John Hamer said

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Quinn on Hofmann (Part 5)

Michael Quinn has been a very prominent Mormon historian since at least the 1980s.  I asked Michael if he had met Mark Hofmann, the bomber and forger.  Listen to Quinn on Hofmann!  Michael indicates that

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