Person Interviewed: Shannon Flynn

Remembering Shannon Flynn (Part 4 of 5)

As 2021 winds down, we’re looking back on the life of Shannon Flynn. Shannon earned a degree in history from the University of Utah. He relocated to Gilbert, Arizona where he and Robyn successfully ran

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Book of Mormon

Looking back at 2017: Top 20 Moments

[paypal-donation] Happy New Year. I’m your host of Gospel Tangents, Rick Bennett.  We’re counting down the Top 20 Moments that were most surprising moments in 2017 here on Gospel Tangents.  I’ve learned a lot over

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Christmas Party Plea Deal

[paypal-donation] This is our last conversation with Shannon Flynn.  In this episode we’ll talk about Mark Hofmann’s lawyer, Ron Yengich.  Ron has defended some of Utah’s most notorious criminals.  We’ll talk about the plea bargain

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Mark Hofmann’s Unusual Prison Visitors

[paypal-donation] Shannon Flynn is one of the few people that have visited Mark Hofmann in prison.  He’ll tell about his experiences meeting with Mark as well as some of the surprise visitors Mark has had,

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Would Mark Hofmann Kill Again?

[paypal-donation] Sadly, October 15 marks 32 years since Kathy Sheets and Steven Christensen were killed.  Shannon asks, and answers an important question. Shannon:  People have asked me, “Do you think he would ever murder anybody

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Should Hofmann Ever Be Released From Prison?

[paypal-donation] Shannon Flynn describes Mark Hofmann’s physical condition in prison.  It’s pretty interesting to hear both his bomb injuries, as well as his injuries from inside the Utah State Penitentiary. Shannon:  Physically he is not

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Shannon describes what it was like to be falsely accused of murder.

Shannon Flynn Jailed for Hofmann’s Crimes

[paypal-donation] In 1985 Shannon Flynn was arrested and jailed for being friends with Mark Hofmann.  We’ll listen to his conversation about his experiences in jail and the false accusations police made against him.  He has

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