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Book of Mormon

Shakespeare Used Chiasmus too? (1 of 2)

Dr. William Davis uses his training in Shakespeare (and chiasmus) and applies it to the Book of Mormon. Is chiasmus less unique that some claim? Dr Davis says yes. We’ll also talk about translation in

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Atonement Theories

Rev Grills on Atonement Theories (Part 2)

We’ve been talking a lot about the different atonement theories lately. I put together this 30 min clip of Rev Willie Grills and I discussing the different atonement theories. I hope you can check out

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Lutheran Pastor Interested in Mormonism?

I get requests to talk to people outside of Mormonism. I’m excited to introduce a non-evangelical, run of the mill Lutheran pastor, Reverend Willie Grills from Arkansas on the show.  We’ll talk about Lutheranism, Mormonism,

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