Person Interviewed: Darren Parry

Monument in the Killing Fields (Part 7 of 9)

158 years ago today, hundreds of Shoshone Indians were massacred on this site.  Author Darren Parry takes us to the killing fields where many of his ancestors perished.  Darren is fundraising to build a monument

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How Mormon Pioneers Changed Native Life (Part 3 of 9)

Shoshone Indians didn’t have fences.  They shared everything.  Imagine what it was like when Mormon pioneers started shooting deer and buffalo that Native Americans used for survival.  Indians didn’t understand the concept of private property

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Native Life Before Pioneers (Part 2 of 9)

The Shoshone Tribe numbered just a few hundred when thousands of Mormon pioneers started to settle in what is now southern Idaho and northern Utah.  Darren Parry is the former chairman of the Shoshone Tribe

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Getting to Know Darren Parry (Part 1 of 9)

I’m excited to have my first congressional candidate on the show, Darren Parry. We’ll talk about Darren’s unsuccessful bid to become congressman in Utah’s 1st Congressional District, but more importantly we’ll talk about his book,

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