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Keys of the Priesthood (Part 4 of 9)

The Gospel Topics essay on women and priesthood references a 2014 talk by Elder Dallin Oaks.  Dr. Jonathan Stapley said this talk was groundbreaking by saying that women in the LDS Church exercise priesthood power

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Women Have Priesthood Since 1843! (Part 8)

[paypal-donation] In 1992, Dr. Michael Quinn published an essay stating that women have priesthood, and have held the priesthood since 1843.  It was one of the reasons church leaders cited in excommunicating him.  This will

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Mormon History of Alternative & Folk Medicine

[paypal-donation] In our next conversation we will talk about alternative medicine, faith healing, and even what has been referred to as magic.  Are there similarities between people like Julie Rowe and early Mormon practices like

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