Person Interviewed: Paul Toscano

Paul Toscano looks back 30 years at being part of the Sept Six.
Faith Crisis

30 Years Later: The Sept Six

It’s been 30 years since six intellectuals were excommunicated all in the month of September from the LDS Church. This is why they’re know as the Sept Six. News spread quickly and sent a chill

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Many say polygamy can't be unlinked from Adam-God Theory, but Paul has unlinked them.
Adam-God Theory

Paul’s Thoughts on Polygamy/Adam-God Theory

Polygamy has been tightly intertwined with the Adam-God Theory. Some say that’s the reason the Adam-God Theory is no longer a doctrine in the LDS Church. Does Paul agree with that? Paul:  But I believe

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Adam-God Theory

Christ’s Role Reversal (Part 3 of 6)

The scriptures concerning God the Father and Jesus Christ are quite confusing. Even protestant explanations of the trinity are confusing. Paul Toscano notes the Book of Mormon shows Christ’s role reversal. Christ’s Role Reversal Paul: 

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An Excommunicated Believer (Part 3 of 8)

In September 1993, six scholars were disciplined by LDS Church leaders over their writings.  Dr. Margaret Toscano’s husband Paul was one of these, although Margaret wasn’t excommunicated…yet. I joked with Dr. Margaret Toscano that she was September 6 and

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