Person Interviewed: Dorie Olds

*Apology to Dorie (Part 13 of 13)

There are many people who wondered how Mark Hofmann hid his secret life of forgeries from his own wife Dorie.  Brent Ashworth was among those.  In our final conversation with Brent, he tells how he

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“You May Be in Danger” (Part 5)

We’re continuing our conversation with Dorie Olds.  Following the 2 bombs that went off in 1985, I asked her if she was worried for her safety.  At the time, she didn’t know that her husband,

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Was Dorie Blamed for the Bombing? (Part 4)

Is it true Dorie blamed for the bombings?  By whom?  It’s a really interesting story! Dorie:  [Mark’s parents] are telling me, “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t wanted the house…” GT:  It was your fault

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“Be Grateful for Adversity” (Part 3)

What has Dorie Olds learned from being married to Mark Hofmann?  I was amazed and impressed to hear her say, “Be grateful for adversity.”  Wow.  Certainly, she has experienced more adversity than most.  I think

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Gaslighted by Mark (Part 2)

What was it like to be married to Mark Hofmann? Were there deceptions while they were married? What was it like to be gaslighted by Mark?  Dorie Olds answers those questions. Dorie:  Gaslighting is where, in

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Hofmann’s Anthon Forgery (Part 1)

I’m really excited to introduce Dorie Olds.  You may know her more famous ex-husband, Mark Hofmann, the famous forger/murderer.  In this first episode we’ll talk about how Mark manipulated her in Hofmann’s Anthon forgery.  Check

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