Person Interviewed: Greg Prince

Revelatory Whiplash (Part 3 of 4)

(Updated-Fixed mp3-link) When the Nov 2015 policy was announced, many LDS Church members were hurt to learn that children of gay parents couldn’t be baptized, and gay couples were considered in apostasy. Fast forward to

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Book of Mormon

Looking back at 2017: Top 20 Moments

[paypal-donation] Happy New Year. I’m your host of Gospel Tangents, Rick Bennett.  We’re counting down the Top 20 Moments that were most surprising moments in 2017 here on Gospel Tangents.  I’ve learned a lot over

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LDS Priesthood

When Did LDS Start Ordaining Young Men?

[paypal-donation] Earlier this summer, one of my guests, Jim Vun Cannon of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, asked me why the LDS Church ordained youth to the Aaronic Priesthood.  At the

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Word of Wisdom

Naturalistic Explanation for Word of Wisdom?

[paypal-donation] We’re continuing our conversation about revelation in the LDS Church.  One of Mormonism’s most important and well-known revelations deals with the Word of Wisdom, Mormonism’s health code.  Dr. Greg Prince talks about a naturalistic

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Temple Ordinances

Ailing Church Leaders: “Not Ideal Governance”

[paypal-donation] I enjoyed our latest conversation with Greg Prince.  We talked about incapacitation of church leaders due to medical factors.  Is this a problem in our church ailing church leaders having such an advanced age and

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