Person Interviewed: Steve Mayfield

In this 2018 interview, Steve Mayfield discusses Mormon and crime, both good and bad.

Mormons and Crime (Steve Mayfield)

We’re going to be discussing Mormons and crime. Steve Mayfield passed away on March 30, 2024. This interview is from 2018 where we discussed his collection of Mormon crime, both good guys and bad guys.

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Buying the Spalding Conspiracy

Mark Hofmann tried to create evidence of the Spalding Conspiracy.  There has long been a theory that Book of Mormon was plagiarized from a manuscript originally written by Solomon Spaulding (or Spalding.)  The problem with

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What is the Dead Lee Scroll? (Part 5)

A lead scroll was found at Lee’s Ferry in Arizona, now known as the Dead Lee Scroll.  What is it exactly? Steve:    Well, one of the documents or artifacts that came up in 2002 was

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Mormons & the FBI (Part 3)

Mormons & the FBI – I’ve often heard that the FBI likes to hire Mormons.  Is that true? Steve Mayfied talks about being interviewed to work at the FBI. Steve:  But he asked me, he says,

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