Person Interviewed: Steve Mayfield

Buying the Spalding Conspiracy

Mark Hofmann tried to create evidence of the Spalding Conspiracy.  There has long been a theory that Book of Mormon was plagiarized from a manuscript originally written by Solomon Spaulding (or Spalding.)  The problem with

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What is the Dead Lee Scroll? (Part 5)

A lead scroll was found at Lee’s Ferry in Arizona, now known as the Dead Lee Scroll.  What is it exactly? Steve:    Well, one of the documents or artifacts that came up in 2002 was

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Mormons & the FBI (Part 3)

Mormons & the FBI – I’ve often heard that the FBI likes to hire Mormons.  Is that true? Steve Mayfied talks about being interviewed to work at the FBI. Steve:  But he asked me, he says,

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