Person Interviewed: Lachlan MacKay

Start of RLDS Church & Mormon Schisms Tour

[paypal-donation] We’re about ready to finish our conversation with John Hamer and Lachlan MacKay of the Community of Christ and do a Mormon Schisms Tour!  In this next conversation, we’ll talk about how confusing it

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Temple Ordinances

Surprising Word of Wisdom Insights from an Apostle

[paypal-donation] One of Mormonism’s most well-known revelations is the Word of Wisdom.  Apostle Lachlan MacKay of the Community of Christ discusses the historical context of the Word of Wisdom.  It turns out that 19th century

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Doctrine & Covenants

The Strange Kirtland Temple Ownership Problems

Following the Kirtland Banking Crisis in 1838, Joseph Smith left town in the dead of the night.  The town of Kirtland was basically bankrupt.  Because of this, ownership of the temple was claimed by several

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Baptism for the Dead

Comparing LDS and RLDS Temple Worship

[paypal-donation] In our next conversation, we’ll talk about differences in temple worship between the LDS Church and the RLDS Church.  (Note:  The Community of Christ has been historically known as the RLDS Church.)  Community of

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Mormon Scripture

A Seventy & Apostle Discuss Myths & Kirtland Temple

[paypal-donation] I’m excited to start 2018 two amazing guests: a Seventy and an Apostle of the Community of Christ: John Hamer and Lachlan MacKay. I’ll let them introduce themselves. Lachlan:  Sure, [I’m] Lachlan MacKay, a

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