Person Interviewed: Jason Olson

Jason Olson shares his view of prophets, covenants, and Bible stories.
Biblical Scholarship

Jason Olson’s View of Prophets (4 of 4)

Since Dr Jason Olson is a religious studies major, I couldn’t wait to ask him some Bible questions. Is he a literalist? Are some prophets mythical? Where does he stand on issues like the Documentary

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Jason Olson found navigating LDS/Jewish dating quite difficult.

Navigating LDS/Jewish Dating (Jason Olson 3 of 4)

As Jason Olson returned from his mission, he was still conflicted on LDS/Jewish dating. He decided to return to BYU to finish his studies, and studied Hebrew. He discusses some heated discussions about Israel-Palestian relations,

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Dr Jason Olson details his baptism and LDS mission.
Book of Mormon

Baptism & LDS Mission (Jason Olson 2 of 4)

We continue our conversation with Dr. Jason Olson. He details his baptism and LDS mission, and how he continues to wrestle over his dual Jewish & Mormon identities. Check out our conversation… Gospel Tangents All

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Dr Jason Olson describes his conversion from Judaism to LDS Church in his memoir, "The Burning Book."
Book of Mormon

LDS Convert From Judaism (Jason Olson 1 of 4)

Dr Jason Olson is author of a new memoir called “The Burning Book.” He details his Jewish upbringing, and how he became interested in the LDS Church. Check out our conversation… Copyright © 2023 Gospel

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