Person Interviewed: Daniel Stone

Modern Mormon Pentecostals

The Bickertonite movement continues many of the ecstatic religious experiences of the Kirtland Era.  Dr. Daniel Stone will tell us more about speaking in tongues.  Does it pre-date the modern Pentecostal Church movement?   We’ll learn

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Reuniting the Bickerton Break (Part 8)

Following a bitter schism, Dr. Daniel Stone tells how the two Bickertonite factions reunited.  It was interesting to find out how the LDS Church reacted when they learned of the Bickertonite schism.   Daniel: John Taylor

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Ousting a Prophet (Part 7)

William Bickerton eventually lost control of the church he started.  How did his apostles oust the prophet. Are there parallels with LDS Church succession? Dr. Daniel Stone tells us. Daniel:  You basically had the Bickertonite group

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False Prophecies are Possible! (Part 6)

Can a prophet make mistakes, even in prophecy and revelation?  William Bickerton, a prophet in the Church of Jesus Christ said yes, prophets make mistakes.  Dr. Daniel Stone will give us more information in this

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Biblical Support to Ordain Women (Part 4)

[paypal-donation] In our next conversation with Dr. Daniel Stone, we will discuss the similarities and differences between Bickertonite and Brighamite priesthood.  I was surprised to learn that they have been ordaining women since the 1860s!

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Bickerton’s Prophetic Vision (Part 3)

Following the collapse of Sidney Rigdon’s church, people looked to William Bickerton to lead the flock.  Dr. Daniel Stone tells us more details about William Bickerton’s prophetic vision and call to become prophet of a

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