Person Interviewed: Sara Hanks

Feminist Favorites (Part 5)

In our final conversation with Sara Hanks and Dr. Nancy Ross, I’ll ask them what their feminist favorite essays were. Check out our conversation, as well as our previous conversations!  What are your favorite essays?

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Must Women Be Ordained? (Part 4)

Early Mormon women blessed by laying on of hands.  If the practice returned, would that be good enough for the Ordain Women movement, or do they require ordination?  Must women be ordained?  Nancy Ross and

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Dr Nancy Ross and Sara Hanks discuss Mormon feminism.
LDS Priesthood

The F-Word: Feminism (Part 3)

Lisa Butterworth wrote a post titled the F-Word: Feminism.  Is feminism dangerous?  Many faithful Latter-day Saints may be concerned that Mormon feminism is a road to apostasy.  Is that true? Mormon Feminism GT:  Do you have

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Nancy & Sara’s Spiritual Journey (Part 2)

After the disappointment with Kate Kelly’s excommunication, how did Nancy and Sara react?  Are they still active in the LDS Church?  What has their spiritual journey been like?  Check out their answers! Nancy:  About 18

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Feminist Successes & Setbacks (part 1)

Dr. Nancy Ross and Sara Hanks, co-authors of “Where We Must Stand” discuss their experiences blogging at Feminist Mormon Housewives, and putting together a book on the first 10 years of the blog.  They discusses

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