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Should Hofmann Ever Be Released From Prison?

Shannon Flynn describes Mark Hofmann’s physical condition in prison.  It’s pretty interesting to hear both his bomb injuries, as well as his injuries from inside the Utah State Penitentiary.

Shannon:  Physically he is not in great shape these days, because from the bombing he had a severe injury to one of his knees.  He’s missing part of the fingers on one hand where he flipped that [bomb] over.  There’s a lot of damage to one of the arms and he has some scars around.

Shannon describes Mark’s suicide attempt, as well as Mark’s letter to the Parole Board indicating even he wasn’t sure the motive of the murders.  I hope you can watch our Youtube link.  We have a video that shows Mark Hofmann’s letter discussing the murders.

Don’t forget to listen to our previous episode where Shannon Flynn describes what it was like to be imprisoned as well!  Check out the conversation….

3 thoughts on “Should Hofmann Ever Be Released From Prison?

  1. Hofmann should have been executed. Failing that, which the prosecution took the expedient route to imprison him for life, there is no reason that Hofmann should ever be freed. A double murder, both of a naive business associate and a dear woman who Hofmann’s reckless regard for human life killed, even if she wasn’t the intended target?
    I’m surprised that the guards at USP haven’t informally agreed to look the other way while this cretin got ‘shanked’. Then again, so many fall in that category, and there isn’t really any such thing as honor amongst criminals.

  2. Mark COULD get out Jack Ford who at one time was the Public Spokesman for the Utah DOC said if mark were to survive to his 80s/ 90s and was seriously ill he could be released on a compassionate release… however he has not sought a parole hearing since the late 1980s… so he may be content to stay where he is (Gunnison Utah State Prison) There is honor among criminals/inmates He is considered a top dog because he is a murderer and conned a large institution If he was a child molester/murderer that would cause (security) problems in a penal facility

  3. Wonderful information Steve! Thanks for the note.

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