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Was Dorie Blamed for the Bombing? (Part 4)

Is it true Dorie blamed for the bombings?  By whom?  It’s a really interesting story!

Dorie:  [Mark’s parents] are telling me, “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t wanted the house…”

GT:  It was your fault that he was bombed?

Yes, my fault. The whole thing. Yes. And just being accosted by them saying, “This is all your fault.” Yeah. I was.  And I remember thinking, “I have to do something. I got to go out.”

And they said, “You can’t leave the room! You can’t leave this room!”

And it’s like, “Yes, I can! I am leaving in this room.” And walking out of the room into the hallway. No one was there and hearing this voice, tell me–a source of God, “Everything’s going to be okay.” And having this calm, peace come over me that is still there today that I still feel today, calm, peace, saying “Everything’s going to be okay.”

GT:  This kind of boggles my mind. Why would they blame you for Mark being blown up?

Dorie:  Because it does make sense. Because one, they don’t want to blame their own son. That’s the natural automatic.

GT:  But why wouldn’t they blame a stranger?

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Mark Hofmann's parents blamed Dorie for the bombing, and for Mark's financial pressures.
Mark Hofmann’s parents blamed Dorie for the bombing, and for Mark’s financial pressures.


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