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“There is Nothing in LDS Theology that Justifies Whacking Infants” (POX)

The November 2015 Policy is called by some the POX, or Policy of Exclusion.  The policy excludes children of gay Mormons from being blessed, baptized, or ordained in the LDS Church.  Greg Prince came to Utah back in September to discuss the science of being gay, and we talked about that in our last episode.  In our next conversation we’ll ask about theological justifications of the ban.  What does Greg Prince think about this policy?

Greg:  I think this policy has done a lot of damage, and that’s not just a supposition.  You can put real numbers behind that.  I don’t like to be in the position of explaining to the president of the seminary why my church is whacking infants.  But I didn’t explain that.  I said, “David, I don’t understand this anymore than you do.”  Because there is nothing in LDS theology that I know of that justifies whacking infants; they are pure and sin-free. We are punishing them with this policy.

We’ll also ask about the common questions:  will the LDS Church be forced to marry gay members in the LDS Temples?  What does Greg Prince think about that?

Greg:  I’m telling you it’s an empty justification.  It’s scare talk.  It has no basis in reality…. it’s a bankrupt argument.

We’ll talk a little bit about the history of marriage in the LDS Church for heterosexual couples, and I think Greg has an interesting point right at the outset that you may find interesting.

Greg:  Up until 1960s within the United States you could have a civil wedding ceremony and go to the temple the next day to be sealed.

GT:  Until the ‘60s.

Greg:  Yeah, late ‘60s.

GT:  Wow.

Why did that change?  Check out our conversation….. and tells us your thoughts about this interview!


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