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Richie T’s 3 Questions (Part 6 of 6)

I stepped into The Cultural Hall with Richie T. Steadman, and he asked me my thoughts on The Cultural Hall.

Richie:  Now. Rick, I need to ask you what I always love and I love to save to the end. Have you ever actually listened to an episode of The Cultural Hall before?

GT:  Yes, I’ve been listening lately.

Richie:  Oh, nice. Ever, ever since we talked? And I said, Hey, why don’t you come on? Is that what brought you to start listening?

GT:  I was like, Well, I better find out what The Cultural Hall is all about.

Richie:  Nice. And your thoughts from one podcaster to another?

GT:  So it’s interesting. You have a much more variety than I do. I’m strictly Mormon history, science and theology. And you do more news and current events and that sort of thing. So, that’s been kind of interesting to check it out.

Richie:  Yeah. So we’ve been around. I think you started Gospel Tangents in 2011. Not the podcast, but that was some sort of project with your kid as I gleaned from the internet.

GT:  Yeah. So my kids were very young. I think they were seven and nine, if I remember, right. And they didn’t know some of the common Book of Mormon Stories. I was sad that they didn’t know that. And so I was like, “Hey, let’s make a little book of some of the Book of Mormon stories.” And so, they were like, “Oh, well, we could sell it.”

And I’m like, “Nobody’s gonna buy this. Are you kidding me?” But anyway, so had them [draw pictures} and they’re like, stick figures. They’re terrible. But you know, they were were seven & nine. That’s what they do. And so, since Brandon wanted to sell it. I was like, Okay, well…

Richie:  Brandon is your son, I presume?

GT:  Yeah. So he’s 18 now. But he said, “Well, we could sell it.” So I just threw it up on Amazon just to see if anybody would buy it. I only sold it for $1 and I was shocked that people were buying. So I was like, well, let’s do Doctrine & Covenants. Let’s do a Pearl of Great Price. [There is even a Triple Combination.] Let’s do a Bible. And for the Bible. I was like, “Well, the Bible. That’s going to be whole Christianity. So I’ll sell that one for $3,” and still it sold and so that’s where I got the name. Gospel Tangents podcast didn’t start till about 2017. And so yeah, that’s where it all started.

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Richie T always asks his guests the big 3 questions.

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Rick’s Family History (Part 4 of 6)

Back in Nov 2019, I sat down over Zoom with Richie T Steadman of The Cultural Hall Podcast. He asked about my background.

Richie:  Rick Bennett is one of those names that I’m like, I feel like I know 10 Rick Bennetts. Right? Like it’s a common name or like, you know, like, you could say out loud. Hey, you know, Rick Bennett? And I could affirmatively say yes, knowing that somewhere in the combination of people that I know, there has been a Rick Bennett, but this particular Rick Bennett, he is the host of the Gospel Tangents podcast, so I’m sure we’ll talk a little bit about that. He’s a church history nerd. So we’ll try and avoid getting really deep into that stuff. He and I but I also want to get a chance to get to know him. Welcome to the Cultural Hall. Rick,

GT:  I’m glad to be on the show. This is great. By the way, I’m the second Rick Bennett in my family. I am not unique.

Richie:  Are you a junior? Is that how that works?

GT:  I am a junior. Yep, that’s right.

Richie:  So, is there a third?

GT:  By the way, there’s a BYU professor named Richard E. Bennett. So, I call him my much shorter twin. He’s a lot shorter than I am. He’s from Canada, though. My dad’s from New Jersey.

Richie:  Born in the USA, that’s what you are. Now let me ask you this. Is the Richard E. Bennett at BYU, is he a history or religion professor? Does it get crowded or complicated as far as that goes?

GT:  Oh, yes, he’s actually–I’ve interviewed him on my podcast, believe it or not.  He’s a big time church history nerd, like me. Even more of a history nerd than me, probably.

Richie:  I hope that that episode was called Richard E. Bennett squared. If it wasn’t, you missed a great opportunity on that.

GT:  I need to have you helped me title my stuff.

Richie:  You can call me anytime, people know that. Now, let’s get to you. You said Jersey-born. So, how do we get from New Jersey to here?

GT:  Well, you’re talking about my dad. So my dad grew up in New Jersey, non-Mormon, really rough life.  He joined the Air Force at 17, forged his dad’s signature to get in.  He met a Hawaiian girl in South Dakota, believe it or not.

Richie:  Oh, that’s how you do it.

GT:  She introduced him to the Church. Then, after he got on the Air Force, they said, “Well, where do you want to live?” He said, “Well, now that I’m a Mormon, I’ll live in Utah.”  So, that’s where he met my mom, and that’s how we got to Utah. I grew up in mostly in Utah. I lived about four years in New Hampshire. My dad took a job back East. So, I got to see the east coast a little bit, and then South Carolina on my mission. So, I’ve been kind of on both coasts, but mostly Utah.

Check out our conversation….

Rick sat down with Richie T Steadman over Zoom in The Cultural Hall Podcast.