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Ministering to the Faithful & Faithless (Part 2)

Have you struggled to figure out what to do with the new Ministering program in the LDS Church? Kurt Francom of the Leading Saints Podcast gives ideas on how to approach this.  I asked him how to handle both faithful & faithless members!

Kurt: Go over there and just ask the simple question of “How would you like to be ministered to? Do you want us to come over a quarterly, monthly?” Where I know my father, he really appreciates the ministry brothers that just stopped by for a good conversation once a month and that really helps him.

That’s how he’s ministered to. So the best thing we could do as ministering brothers and sisters, just set an appointment, go over and ask them the question, how would you like to be ministered to? And if someone asked that to me, I would say, well, I’m say hi to me at church. If you see me at church where you sit by me, I’d love that, you know, but I don’t need a home visit.

He also tells how he handled his Second Counselor in the bishopric losing his faith and leaving the church.

Kurt: And it all began for him after he returned from his mission. He went through college and then he went back to law school and he was in law school at Brigham Young University of all places where in his religion course it was required reading to read Rough Stone Rolling the famous book by Richard Bushman, right?

Which obviously is written from the faithful perspective since Richard Bushman is a faithful Latter-day Saint. But certain facts and historical concerns came to the surface for him that he had never considered. And then suddenly the understanding that he had about the church was disrupted. Right? And this is, I think, a familiar story for a lot of people who’ve had maybe had loved ones who’ve gone through a stage of faith or a state of doubt. And so, we talked openly about these things. I encouraged him. You know, I tried to be as empathetic as possible and I think, all things considered, I think as a bishop I handled that pretty well….

And, he later did remove his name from the church. And I thought, “Man! I thought we were–I thought I was steadying the ark a little bit and helping you understand that, you know, we can get through this.” But you know, that was a decision that he made and we still have a great relationship.

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Kurt Francom gives advice on the new Ministering program for both faithful & faithless members.
Kurt Francom gives advice on the new Ministering program for both faithful & faithless members.

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