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All Transcripts are available! #BlackHistoryMonth Sale

I was just reviewing some feedback, and learned some of you are not aware of my transcripts.  There are a few ways to get them.  (I am also doing a #BlackHistoryMonth Sale!)

  1. If you click the yellow “Subscribe” button above, I will send you a PDF transcript as soon as each interview is completed (1-2 per month.)  This is just $10/month.
  2. If you want a print or Kindle copy, all are available at my Amazon Store at

Making these transcripts is easily the most time-consuming part of this process.  I’d like to purchase software to save me the time, but it is very expensive.  If you could help me out either through a paid subscription, or my Amazon store, I could probably improve my production schedule and get these done sooner if you could help me afford the transcription software.

I should also point out that my Paul Reeve and Darron Smith interviews are on sale this month in honor of Black History Month.  Margaret Young’s is such a short interview that I can’t put it in print, but here are links.  These prices are good for February 2018 before they go back up.

Thanks for your support!  Please share with your friends!  I hope you find this the best Mormon History Podcast!  (Here is a list of all current and future interviews scheduled!)

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