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“I cheat people.  That’s what I do for a living”

In our last conversation, Shannon Flynn told us that Mark Hofmann started forging coins as a teen.  How was he able to fool so many experts for so long?  Was he a charismatic person?  What’s it like to work with a master forger?

Shannon:  Nowadays you would kind of see him as a computer nerd.  He was not charismatic in the least.  He kind of had poor social skills.  I remember on at least one occasion going with Lynn, some friends of Lynn, my wife and I and were going to have a barbecue dinner at the Hofmann’s house, a lot of chatting and so forth.  We got there a little bit late.  We go in the house and Mark has already made his dinner and eaten it.  You would have thought a normal person would have waited.  He didn’t know and didn’t care.

Like I said he was not a good host or those sorts of things, but he was a very personable person.  I don’t ever remember a time seeing him, he never suffered from depression or those sort of things.  He was not a down kind of a person.  Of course at that time if you had any interest in Mormon history or collecting, he was the person to know because he was always in the middle of this thing and that thing and buying and selling.

The prosecutors, they interviewed him after his plea agreement and didn’t record it but took notes of it.  That was one of their first questions was how did you do all of this stuff?  He said, “Well it’s really not that hard to figure out.”  Again I’m paraphrasing.  “He said it’s really not that hard to figure out.  What do you do for a living?”

He said, “We’re attorneys.”

He said, “Are you any good at it?”

“Well yeah, we think so.”

He said, “I cheat people.  That’s what I do for a living.  I’m good at it.  I’m a good forger.”

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