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How are the Valley of Lemuel and Mount Sinai Related?

In our previous conversation with George Potter we discussed his search for the real Mount Sinai! It turns out that led to a very striking claim. George was also looking for the Valley of Lemuel mentioned in the Book of Mormon.  Could it be that Lehi’s family has a connection to Mount Sinai?

George:  If you remember, Nephi when he had his vision of what his father had dreamed, he was taken by an angel to an exceedingly high mountain, which is the same wording that is used about Mount Sinai.  It’s an exceedingly high mountain.  So, it is very interesting.

GT interrupts:  You’re trying…

George continues:  Maybe by the spirit Nephi was taken to Mount Sinai.

GT:  Wow.

George:  Ok, because it’s 20 miles apart.  He went to an exceedingly high mountain that he hadn’t seen before.  There he received a revelation.  It’s a temple.  Mount Sinai is dedicated temple for the children of Israel.  It is probably still to this day a dedicated temple.  It might have been desecrated by us, {chuckles} but it was a temple.  Where else would Nephi have been taken by an angel?  Just some old mountain somewhere when there’s a temple 20 miles away.

GT:  So, you think Nephi went to Mount Sinai?

George:  I don’t know that but why not?  It makes sense that he went to Mount Sinai.

GT:  That’s cool.

We will talk about the possibilities of Lehi’s family’s possible connection to Mount Sinai, and we will talk further about George’s travels to the Waters of Moses.  Check out our conversation…..

Did Nephi visit Mount Sinai?  Is this near the Valley of Lemuel?
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