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Found! Nephi’s Harbor

At the end of the Frankincense Trail, Nephi built a ship.  But where did he build this ship?  Where is Nephi’s Harbor?  George Potter makes the case for Khor Rori, an ancient harbor with known shipbuilding in the area.

Now curiously, Nephi says that he was building a ship different than the way that other men were building ships.  Now how would he know how other men were building ships?  He had to be in a shipyard, right?  And we know that they were building ships at Khor Rori as far back as 1000 B.C at that harbor to support the trade.  Even up in the cliffs you see the petroglyphs of ships that they were making, different from any other ships that were being built anywhere around the Indian Ocean.  So, they were uniquely being built at Khor Rori.  We have the ways that still exist when they lowered their ships into this natural harbor.

I’ll ask him about another potential harbor as well.  (I hope you have joined us for our previous conversations along the Frankincense Trail!

George Potter thinks Khor Rori is a likely spot for Nephi’s Harbor where he built a ship.

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