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How BYU Could Improve the Honor Code for Black Students

In this episode, we’re going to talk about expulsion rates. Did you know that of these expelled, 80% are black, despite the fact that just 9% of the student body is black?  It seems like that’s a pretty wide disparity. A lot of this has to do with the Honor Code.  Are there things that the church could do, especially with non-LDS athletes that will help them with the Honor Code?  Dr. Darron Smith of the University of Memphis offers some advice.

It goes back to the fact that these young men are not Mormon.  They don’t have the same—they don’t know the rules.  They don’t understand the rules.  They don’t understand the Honor Code is not just a code, it’s theology.  It’s Mormon theology in a code.  The Honor Code for Mormon students is kind of like, yeah I do it already.  They don’t have to think about that, most Mormon students don’t.  But black students, they don’t have that.  They already come primed.

There’s [Reverend] France Davis in Salt Lake.  France, Pastor Davis is tied in with a lot of different communities.  He could even probably dispatch someone to Provo if need be to serve as sort of an ombudsman for these young men and players if they run afoul of the Honor Code system.

What do you think of his suggestions?

Improving the Honor Code for Black Students at BYU


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