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Turley on Mountain Meadows Massacre (Part 2 of 5)

Richard Turley’s book “Massacre at Mountain Meadows” was published in 2011. The book ends at the massacre in 1857. He and Barbara Jones Brown are writing the latest installment of the tragedy and this time they will focus on the trials of John D. Lee and aftermath. Barbara and Rick sat down as part of the 2020 Mormon history Association

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Utah War & Mountain Meadows Massacre (Part 1 of 6)

If you didn’t grow up in Utah, you’ve probably never heard of the Utah War.  Federal troops came to Utah in 1857 creating great anxiety among the Mormons.  This war footing led to the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the lowest point in Mormon history.  Barbara Jones-Brown tells about these events that led to the greatest atrocity in American history up to

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John D. Lee’s Role in Mountain Meadows Massacre (Part 4)

September 11, 1857 was the largest mass-murder in American history.  Over 100 immigrants from Arkansas were killed in southern Utah.  John D. Lee was the only person executed for this atrocity.  In our conversation with Steve Mayfield, we’ll talk more about Lee’s involvement in the Mountain Meadows Massacre. GT: So as I understand it from what I understand what the Mountain

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*Bear River Massacre (Part 9 of 9)

The Mountain Meadows Massacre killed around 100 immigrants from Arkansas in the Utah Territory.  But did you know that a massacre of 2-3 times more Native Americans from the Shoshone Tribe were killed by the U.S. Army just 6 years later?  Historian Will Bagley tells the disturbing details. Will:  Brig[ham Madsen] said that the greatest achievement of his long career

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John D. Lee’s Role in Massacre (Part 5 of 9)

John D. Lee was the only person convicted in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.  Historian Will Bagley tells the awful details of the tragedy. GT:  Okay, so the first attack occurs on September 7. Basically, the Fancher party literally circle the wagons, and then they dig in because they’re trying to defend themselves. Will:  Yes, and they’re fighting back a lot

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Tackling Myths of Mountain Meadows (Part 3 of 6)

There are still a lot of myths surrounding the Massacre at Mountain Meadows. How many were killed?  Historian Barbara Jones Brown says it could be a few dozen lower than original estimates. Barbara: You know what’s really interesting about that number is that number comes from Jacob Hamblin who buries the bodies later….He tells federal army officials, federal officials, that

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CSI: Mountain Meadows – Using DNA to Solve 2 Mysteries

[paypal-donation] Many of you remember the dark day of September 11, 2001 when Muslim terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  It was a dark day in U.S. history.  160 years ago this September 11th is another dark day in Mormon history as Mormon settlers in southern Utah attacked and killed 120 men, women, and children known as

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Dr. Ugo Perego on Mormon DNA

Rick Bennett of Gospel Tangents sat down in 2017 with world renown population geneticist, Dr. Ugo Perego discusses many complex issues regarding Mormon DNA tests. We cover Joseph Smith’s paternity tests, Book of Mormon DNA, DNA tests for the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and Biblical Literalism. Check it out!

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Dr Paul Reeve is head of Mormon Studies at University of Utah

Paul Reeve Discusses the Race Ban

Here’s another classic from the archives. This is the first time we’ve released the entire interview of Dr. Paul Reeve. The interview occurred back in January 2017. Paul discusses his amazing book, “Religion of a Different Color.” We’ll discuss the race ban for blacks excluded from the temple & priesthood, Paul’s role with the Gospel Topics essay on race, and

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