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White Horse Prophecy

Many people have heard about the White Horse Prophecy, but few people understand the details.  Did you know it has been disavowed by LDS Leaders?  In our next conversation with Dr. Christopher Blythe, we’ll dive in deep to this well-known but misunderstood prophecy and discuss the ties to Mitt Romney.

Christopher:  So, the story of the White Horse prophecy is recorded in 1902. It’s largely based on the Civil War Prophecy. It has an idea that the Gentiles are going to attack the Saints. actually, all sorts of wars are occurring here. It begins with this reference that says there’ll be a terrible revolution in the land that leaves the United States without any supreme government. So, great, wild moment’s going to happen. Ultimately, the Constitution is going to hang by a thread. In the White Horse Prophecy, it’s not a politician that saves it either. The Red Horse, the Native Americans align with the White Horse, the Mormons are going to join together, and they’re going to preserve the Constitution. Anyways, the White Horse prophecy was very prevalent for about 20 years and even into the 50s. I mean, the White Horse Prophecy is very popular.

GT:  So just quickly, he wrote it down in 1902, but, supposedly, this had happened decades earlier.

Christopher:  Yes, and this would make sense. I mean, in 1840, Joseph Smith did make a prophecy with the Constitution. Every other element of the White Horse Prophecy document he wrote, you could find somewhere else. Some of the specifics like an invasion from China on the West Coast, the same time there’s an invasion from European forces on the east coast.

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Most people don’t really know what the White Horse Prophecy is about. Dr. Blythe tells how it dogged Mitt Romney’s POTUS run in 2012.

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