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2nd Manifesto Polygamy (Part 5 of 8)

Since the 1890 Manifesto didn’t totally end polygamy, the LDS Church issued a 2nd Manifesto.  It turns out that still didn’t end the secret practice either.  Lindsay Hansen Park, host of Year of Polygamy podcast, will tell us more about things that happened between 1904-1925 and beyond.

Lindsay:  Joseph F. Smith issued marriages after the Manifesto. So we know it’s not a doctrine.

GT:  After the 1904 Manifesto? Is that what you’re talking about? Or after the 1890 Manifesto?

Lindsay: As far as I can tell, Joseph F. Smith turned a blind eye. I don’t know, and maybe Mike Quinn’s book will talk about if Joseph F. Smith actually solemnized marriages himself, but certainly after 1890 these guys were doing it, and definitely up until 1925 the apostles were doing it.

GT:  Up until 1925, because I know that it was 1904, following the Reed Smoot hearings where Matthias Cowley and John W. Taylor, one of them, I think, got disfellowshipped, the other one got excommunicated, right?

Lindsay:  Yup.

GT:   I know that David O. McKay was called in 1904 as a replacement for one of those two.

Lindsay:  This is what I’m talking about.   Yeah, so you have a lot of modern LDS leaders who are now replacements as a reaction to this.  This is why I’m saying polygamy is everywhere because even the guys that shaped the modern Mormon church are there filling the spot of a polygamist that got booted.

GT:  Right?

Lindsay:  That’s an important thing, too.  Even up into the 1940s, you have Amy Brown Lyman, she was the Relief Society president, Amy Brown Lyman, she’s amazing. Her husband was an apostle for the church, Richard Lyman.  One morning. It’s a sad, sad day in Kimball’s diary.  He writes about this.

GT:  This is the 1940s, right?

Lindsay:  Yes.

GT:  We’ve jumped up to the 1940s.

Lindsay:  Yeah, we’ll go back, but the apostles burst into Lyman’s bedroom, and they’re he’s lying in bed with someone that’s not Amy Brown Lyman. It’s a spiritual plural wife that he was fellowshipping 20 years earlier, and had kept her as a plural wife for 20 years. Some would call her a mistress. That’s how Amy Brown Lyman saw it.

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Lindsay Hansen Park tells more about polygamist marriages after the First and Second Manifestos were issued by the LDS Church.

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