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Chad Daybell & Zombie Apocalypse

Chad Daybell has been in the news over the past year over the suspicious disappearance and deaths of his new wife Lori Vallow’s children and relatives.  We’ll talk about their messages of apocalypticism with Dr. Christopher Blythe.

Christopher:  In the case of Chad Daybell, it seemed to come up with some terrible results. So, at this point, children have been discovered. Julie [Rowe]has disavowed him, as has the prepper community. We’ll see what happens in court. But it would appear that from interviews around that, Lori, Chad’s new wife had come to believe that her children were zombies. Their term for zombie meant that you’d become possessed so much, that your own spirit couldn’t possess your body again.  Your spirit’s stuck out there in sort of limbo and now your body is being used by something evil. So you’re no longer Rick Bennett, you are, fill in the blank.

GT:  One of her children had autism. Is that correct?

Christopher:  I think that’s right. Yeah, this child, and she saw that his behavior, allegedly, on his last day on earth, his behavior, she claimed, telling her friend Melanie, that he had climbed up onto a ledge and knocked over a picture of Jesus. He was acting bizarre, and she believed this was a sign that he was possessed. We’ll see what’s determined, but usually they would pray. So, every day they would pray to get rid of all the zombies in the world. According to Melanie Gibb, who was a friend at the time, they could then say, “This morning, there was 1000 zombies in the world. But now there’s 940. So we know that our prayers, wiped out 60 zombies,” that sort of thing. But, in this case, it seems like they were more proactive in ridding the world of zombies.

It’s a sad, terrible story.  Check out our conversation….

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Chad Daybell & Lori Daybell’s zombie apocalypse beliefs led to the deaths of Lori’s children because Lori’s children were believed possessed by evil spirits.

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