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Murderous Mormon Mayhem (Part 8 of 8)

It’s sad to say that some groups that believe in the Book of Mormon are notorious for the crimes they have committed.  In our final conversation with Steve Shields, we will discuss the Lafferty brothers, and Ervil Lebaron.  Both groups were involved in murder.

Steve: It’s really hard to deal with some of those that are just so grossly offensive in what they do. A lot of people, especially Bob Crossfield’s folks would rather I not talk about the Laffertys. But I say, well, I can’t not [talk about them] because they exist or existed, and there was something going on. Bob Crossfield was a self-proclaimed prophet from Canada who eventually developed what they called the School of the Prophets and Bob himself issued more than 100 revelations. The Lafferty brothers, Ron and Dan got involved in Crossfield’s School of the Prophets, but quickly took over what that was all about and turned it into something evil. Evil, maybe that’s not objective, but when you receive or proclaim a revelation that says, “God tells me to kill this person and kill that person and kill that person…” They were a modern-day resurrection of Ervil LeBaron. Ervil was evil. Most of the family members that I know in the LeBaron clan would say the same thing. I don’t know any of the Lafferty folks, but I do know Bob Crossfield’s people. They were just devastated by how the Laffertys twisted everything that Bob Crossfield is all about and turned it into something so horrible. History is not always pretty. Thankfully there haven’t been too many of those kinds of things happening in all of Latter-day Saint history, but every now and again, some of that stuff crops up and you have to deal with it the best way you can.

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Steve Shields describes a few Mormon groups involved in murder.
Steve Shields describes a few Mormon groups involved in murder.

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Ervil LeBaron: Polygamist, Assassin

We’re continuing our discussion with polygamy expert Anne Wilde. We’ll talk about the infamous Ervil LeBaron: a polygamist and an assassin.  He was responsible of the deaths not only of his own brother, but other leaders such as the Apostolic United Brethren’s Rulon Allred.

Anne:  He is responsible for killing or the death of about 20 people, and I know that because I knew some of them.  Ogden[1] was introduced to him one time under a fictitious name and so we went out to a meeting and thought this was this guy’s name, Stilson, and lo and behold shortly after that we saw a picture, “Wanted: Ervil LeBaron” but was a picture of this guy that we had met.  He even stayed in my home under that other name.  Then when I found out who he was, I was a little concerned, but fortunately I didn’t know who he was at the time he stayed in my home.

[1] Anne was the second wife of polygamist Ogden Kraut.

Before we get to that,  She’s a polygamy expert, and we’re going to talk more about some of the smaller polygamist groups, such as the Kingston group and Harmston group.

GT:  Would it be safe to say that the AUB is probably the biggest group now?

Anne:  It is.

GT:  It’s probably about 7500.

Anne:  It’s the biggest one that’s in unity or in one name or whatever….  Don’t forget the independents!  That’s what I am.  I consider myself an independent fundamentalist Mormon and that’s because I do not belong to any other organized groups.  There’s about 12-15000, but they aren’t a group.

GT:  Oh so they’re the biggest.

Anne:  But they aren’t a group.  There are a lot that believe in keeping these eternal principles alive, not just plural marriage but others as well, as best as they can amongst the families.  They just don’t feel impressed, and I don’t, to join and be baptized into any of the groups.

You might want to brush up on the AUB, FLDS & Centennial Park too.  Check out our conversation…..