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Scholar/Guest Title Link
Anne Wilde Anne Wilde: Expert on Modern Day Polygamy 
Anne Wilde/David Patrick Reflecting on 50 years: “Jesus Was Married” 
Bill Shepard Bill Shepard on the “Other Mormons” (Strangites) 
Brian Stutzman Brian Stutzman on the Martyrdom of Joseph Smith 
Bryndis Roberts Bryndis Roberts: From Baptist to Mormon to Activist 
Cheryl Bruno Cheryl Bruno on Masonry and LDS Temple Worship 
Clair Barrus Mystical Mormon Magic & Masonry: with Clair Barrus 
Colby Townsend Colby Townsend Explains Documentary Hypothesis & Book of Mormon 
Curt Bench Bombs in Salt Lake 
Dan Vogel Dan Vogel on First Vision, Book of Abraham 
David Ostler David Ostler: Building Bridges to Questioners 
David Patrick/Benjamin Shaffer Introduction to Christ’s Church & Adam-God Doctrine 
David Rosenvall The Baja Theory of the Book of Mormon: David Rosenvall Interview 
Denver Snuffer Denver Snuffer & The Remnant Movement TBA
Derek Sainsbury Joseph Smith’s Campaign for President of U.S. 
Don Bradley Don Bradley Discusses the Lost 116 Pages Not Available
Dorie Olds (Hofmann) Dorie’s Story: The Hofmann Bombings 
Dr Alex Baugh Alex Baugh on Hawn’s Mill Massacre 
Dr Ben Spackman Ben Spackman on Evolution-Creation Controversy 
Dr Bill Smith Dr. Bill Smith Talks In-depth on Polygamy in D&C 132 
Dr Brian Hales Brian Hales Discusses Mormon Polygamy 
Dr Daniel Stone Daniel Stone on Forgotten Prophet 
Dr Darron Smith Race, Religion, and Sport:: Dr. Darron Smith 
Dr David Nelson Dr. David Conley Nelson on Mormons in Nazi Germany 
Dr Greg Prince Greg Prince on History of Gay Rights & LDS Church 
Dr Greg Prince Greg Prince: The Full Interview: Gays, Priesthood, Word of Wisdom, LDS Succession 
Dr Jana Riess/Dr. Ben Knoll Jana Riess & Benjamin Knoll Discuss the Next Mormons 
Dr Jeff Chadwick Dr. Jeff Chadwick: Jesus Was Born in December 
Dr Jonathan Stapley Dr. Jonathan Stapley on Evolution of LDS Priesthood Ordinances 
Dr Larry Foster Non-Mormon View of Polygamy with Dr. Larry Foster 
Dr Margaret Toscano Dr. Margaret Toscano on Women & Priesthood 
Dr Mark Staker Dr Mark Staker: The Entire Interview: Short History of Mormon Settlement in Kirtland, Ohio 1830-1837 
Dr Matt Harris Race & Religion Struggles at BYU 1965-1985 
Dr Matt Harris Ezra Taft Benson on Communism, Bircherism, Civil Rights 
Dr Matt Harris Dr. Matthew Harris Talks About Temple & Priesthood Ban 
Dr Michael Quinn Conversation with Dr. Michael Quinn 
Dr Nancy Ross/Sara Hanks Nancy Ross and Sara Hanks:: Where Must We Stand? 
Dr Newell Bringhurst Newell Bringhurst on Blacks, Brodie, & Brides 
Dr Paul Reeve Dr Reeve: the Entire Interview: 90 Minute discussion of the LDS Temple/Priesthood ban on Black Members 
Dr Quincy Newell Quincy Newell on the Life of Jane Manning James Not Available
Dr Richard Bennett The Evolution of LDS Temple Worship: Dr Richard Bennett 
Dr Russell Stevenson Elijah Ables: Faithful Black Mormon Pioneer 
Dr Simon Southerton Dr. Simon Southerton on Book of Mormon DNA, Religious Beliefs 
Dr Thomas Wayment Dr. Thomas Wayment on New Testament Scholarship, JST, Christmas Stories 
Dr Ugo Perego Dr. Ugo Perego Discusses Mormon DNA 
Elder Steven Snow Conversation with Church Historian: Elder Steven Snow 
George Potter George Potter on Real Mt. Sinai, Lehi’s Trail 
George Throckmorton How George Throckmorton Unmasked Mark Hofmann’s Forgeries 
Jean Addams R. Jean Addams on the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) 
Jim Vun Cannon Jim Vun Cannon: The Complete Interview: First Presidency Discusses the Remnant Church 
John Hamer/Lachlan MacKay Mormon Schisms Tour & Kirtland Temple 
Kurt Francom Kurt Francom: Creating Better Church Leaders 
Lindsay Hansen Park Lindsay Hansen Park on Mormon Polygamy in 19th & 20th Century 
Margaret Young Margaret Young on Jane Manning James Not Available
Melvin Johnson Melvin Johnson Describes John Hawley’s Pan-Mormon Journeys 
Michael Marquardt Church History Surprises with Michael Marquardt 
Richard Turley Richard Turley – Prosecuting the Cold Case: Mountain Meadows 
Rick Bennett (John Larson) Rick on the Hot Seat 
Rod Decker Rod Decker Reports on Utah Politics & LDS Church 
Sandra Tanner Sandra Tanner: A Mormon Critic’s View of Mark Hofmann 
Shannon Flynn Shannon Flynn: Inside Look at Mark Hofmann 
Steve Mayfield Steve Mayfield on Mormons, Crime, & The FBI 
Steve Shields Steve Shields on Divergent Paths 
Taylor Petrey Changing LDS Messages for Blacks, Feminists, & Gays
Will Bagley Will Bagley on the Mountain Meadows Massacre TBA

Books by Guests


Title Scholar/Guest Link
Blood of the Prophets Will Bagley
Book of Mormon (Remnant Edition) Remnant Movement/Denver Snuffer 
Bridges:  Ministering to Those Who Question David Ostler 
Divergent Paths of the Restoration Steve Shields
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Volume 1 Brian Hales 
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Volume 2 Brian Hales 
Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Volume 3 Brian Hales
Modern Polygamy & Mormon Fundamentalism Brian Hales
Mormonism Unvailed Dan Vogel/E D Howe
New Covenants Remnant Movement/Denver Snuffer 
Old Covenants Remnant Movement/Denver Snuffer 
Origins of Power Michael Quinn 
Passing the Heavenly Gift Denver Snuffer 
Persistence of Polygamy: Volume 1 Newell Bringhurst 
Persistence of Polygamy: Volume 2 Newell Bringhurst
Religion & Sexuality Larry Foster
River Fever Will Bagley 
Storming the Nation Derek Sainsbury
Strangers in Paradox Margaret Toscano
Tabernacles of Clay Taylor Petrey 
Teachings & Commandments Remnant Movement/Denver Snuffer
The LDS Gospel Topics Series: A Scholarly Engagement Matt Harris/Newell Brignghurst 
The Lost 116 Pages Don Bradley
The Second Comforter Denver Snuffer 
The Stick of Joseph in the Hand of Ephraim Remnant Movement/Denver Snuffer 
The Whites Want Everything Will Bagley
Thunder From the Right Matt Harris
Upon the Temple Lot R. Jean Addams
Utah Politics: the Elephant of the Room Rod Decker 
Victims Richard Turley
Voices in Harmony: Contemporary Women Celebrate Plural Marriage Anne Wilde 
Women, Family and Utopia Larry Foster


Other Great Mormon History Books

Title Author Link
A Girl From Yamhill Beverly Cleary
A Nation at Risk US government
Adam Clarke’s Commentary Adam Clarke
Age of Reason Thomas Paine
Alexander Doniphan: a Man of Justice Roger Launius
Black Mormon Tells Her Story Wynetta Martin
Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text Royal Skousen 
Carthage Conspiracy Marvin Hill, Dallin Oaks
Common Sense Thomas Paine
Conflict in the Quorum Gary Bergera
Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomic School Moshe Weinfeld
Duncan’s Ritual Malcolm Duncan
Empowering Words: Outsiders and Authorship in Early America Karen Weyler
Encyclopedia of Mormonism  Daniel H. Ludlow
Ghost of Eternal Polygamy Carol Lynn Pearson
Glorious in Persecution Martha Bradley Evans
Harold B. Lee:  Prophet and Seer L. Brent Goates
History of the Church BH Roberts
In Sacred Loneliness Todd Compton
Inspired Version of the Bible Joseph Smith
Introduction to the Old Testament J. G. Eichhorn
Jesus Was Married Ogden Kraut
Joseph Smith’s Seer Stones Michael Hubbard MacKay / Nicholas J. Frederick 
Joseph’s Temples Michael Homer
Knowing Christ (1st Edition) George Pace
Knowing Christ (2nd Edition) George Pace
Lectures on Faith Joseph Smith/Sidney Rigdon
Lengthen Your Stride (Deseret Book) Edward Kimball
Lengthen Your Stride (Extended Version) Edward Kimball
Mark E. Petersen: A biography Peggy Petersen Barton
Mere Christianity CS Lewis 
Mormon Doctrine Bruce R. McConkie
Mormon Enigma Val Avery/Linda King Newell
Mormonism’s Negro Policy: Social and Historical Origins Stephen G. Taggart
Nauvoo Polygamy: But We Called it Celestial Marriage George D Smith
No Man Knows My History Fawn Brodie
Our Search to Know the Lord George Pace
Phillis Wheatley, Complete Writings Phillis Wheatley
Producing Ancient Scripture Michael Hubbard MacKay
Road to Exile Paul Toscano
Salamander Linda Sillitoe
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith Joseph Fielding Smith
The 1838 Mormon War in Missouri Stephen LeSueur
The Bruce R. McConkie Story: Reflections of a Son Joseph Fielding McConkie
The DaVinci Code Dan Brown
The Kingdom of Nauvoo Ben Park
The Mormon Question: Polygamy and Constitutional Conflict Sally Gordon
The Origins of Biblical Monotheism Mark Smith 
The Seer Orson Pratt
The Water Crisis Frank Moss
The Woman with the Alabaster Jar Margaret Starbird
The Words of Joseph Smith Andrew Ehat
Visions of a Seer Stone Bill Davis
Voices for Equality Gordon Shepherd
What it Means To Know Christ George Pace
Wife No. 19: The Story of a Life in Bondage Anne Eliza Young 
Women and Authority Maxine Hanks