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Jim Tackles DNA & Book of Mormon

[paypal-donation] We’re continuing our discussion with Jim Vun Cannon, a counselor in the First Presidency of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Jim gave his testimony of the Book of Mormon in part 2 of our conversation, and we touched on the Book of Mormon in our previous episode, and we talked about Remnant scriptures including

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Patrick McKay is an apostle for JCRB, trying to get Mormon groups talking to each other.

Breaking Down Restoration Walls (Patrick McKay)

Patrick McKay is an apostle for the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (JCRB.) He’ll discuss breaking away from the RLDS Church, and his attempts to unify the Restoration Movement. We’ll talk about how he uses the Book of Mormon to do that. I’ll also ask him about archaeological, DNA, and other problems with the Book of Mormon, and whether he

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Rick Bennett discusses Mormon schisms.

Fun Tour of the Restoration (Mormon schisms)

Did you know there are over 500 Mormon Denominations?! Rick Bennett won’t cover them all but will give a guided tour of some of the groups that date to the time of Joseph Smith, as well as some of the newest groups out there! I’ll introduce you to several Mormon schisms. Check out our conversation… Copyright © 2022 Gospel Tangents

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Is This the Face of Joseph Smith? (daguerreotype with Lachlan Mackay)

Lachlan MacKay is one of the historians who helped authenticate the Joseph Smith daguerreotype that appears to be the prophet Joseph Smith. Lach is not only a descendant of Joseph Smith, but he is also an apostle for the Community of Christ. We’ll talk about how he authenticated the photo, whether it could be Hyrum, and what it would take

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Gospel Tangents Podcast

Get SECRET EPISODES Adam Stokes, Apostle for the Assured Way RickBJanuary 25, 2023 Adam Stokes is a convert to the Elijah Message Movement and has met with Bickertonites and Community of Christ prior… Read More Explaining Book of Mormon Star (2 of 2 Jerry Grover) RickBJanuary 19, 2023 We’re continuing our conversation with Jerry Grover. This time we’re looking to

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Book List from Guests/Authors

This list is broken down by Transcripts, Books of our Guests, and Other great Mormon History books!  By using the links here, you can support Gospel Tangents, the Authors, and save money at Amazon! Transcripts Scholar/Guest Title Link Anne Wilde Anne Wilde: Expert on Modern Day Polygamy  Anne Wilde/David Patrick Reflecting on 50 years: “Jesus Was Married”  Bill

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New Scriptures in Remnant Movement (Part 1 of 7)

I’m excited to introduce Denver Snuffer.  He is the founder of the Remnant Movement.  We will learn more about Denver’s movement, and he has an exciting announcement about a new set of scriptures for their movement. Denver:  These are prototypes. It’ll go into production. But we now have a print copy of a new set of scriptures. There are three

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Who Owns the Temple Lot in Missouri? (Part 1)

Steven Shields has been studying various Mormon schismatic groups since he was in Seminary in the 1970s.  We’ll get acquainted with him in this first episode, and learn more about his background, and why he got so interested in our Mormon cousins.  What does he know about the temple lot?  There are several sections in the Doctrine & Covenants where

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