BYU Protests: Black, Gay, & Native American Racism


Last summer BYU made a big public push to get into the Big 12 Conference.  Joining the Big 12 would mean a lot more money to the university and a lot more prestige for their athletic programs.  Not everyone is excited about BYU joining the Big 12 however.   Iowa State University students protested BYU’s entrance into the Big 12, concerned that BYU’s policy on gay athletes would cause problems with their own gay athletes.   Also, it’s not the first time BYU has been the subject of protests.  Back in the [19]60s, the University of Wyoming had fourteen players who protested playing BYU.  It was a pretty ugly incident back in the day.  There were also some other protests.  Stanford University isn’t exactly spotless with regards to race relations either. We’ll also talk about some other professional sports teams:  the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves.  Are those racist mascots and what does Dr. Darron Smith of the University of Memphis think about those?  Check out our conversation….

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