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LDS Scriptures for Kids

Ok, our newest book, LDS Scriptures for Kids should be out later today.  It is a Triple combination: Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price for Kids all combined into 1 book.  It’s only $3!

I did some checking, and we’ve now moved up in the rankings for our other books:
Book of Mormon for Kids rankings –

D&C for Kids rankings –

Pearl of Great Price for Kids rankings –

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Ranked High on Google!

I just typed “Book of Mormon for Kids” on Google, and was pleased that our book was the #4 link.  Then I typed “Doctrine and Covenants for Kids”, and this website was the #5 link.  Cool!

Sad news is that “Pearl of Great Price for Kids” did not show up on the first 2 pages of Google, but perhaps that is just because it was released this week.  I hope it gets ranked higher in the  coming weeks.