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Book of Mormon for Kids is Now Available

Pick up your copy on  It’s available for the Kindle for only $1!  If you’re interested in a printed copy, please email me at Gospel Tangents at gmail dot com.  It should appeal to children from 2-10.

Why did we make it?  A few years ago, I picked up a children’s Bible (made out of sturdy cardboard pages) and brought it home.  My kids loved it, and became very familiar with the stories of the Bible.  One day, I asked them about a Book of Mormon story, and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I have looked for some children’s Book of Mormon, but they were all a bit too mature for my 7 and 5 year old to understand.  I needed something that would teach to their level.  So, I decided to write it myself, and have them illustrate it.  My children loved the idea.

Brandon thought we could sell it!  At first, I laughed at the idea.  But with the Kindle, publishing is much easier so, I thought I would give it a shot!  Our Bible was read so much, it’s practically destroyed now.  I think it’s ok to read a Bible so much that it gets worn out.  I hope to do the same with the Book of Mormon.  (But make sure your kids don’t destroy your Kindle!)  I am working on getting it published, and I hope you’ll be one of the first people to buy it!  If you have a Nook, I plan to publish it there too, with the Sony e-Reader not far behind!

Now that we have this up, we will start to work on a child’s version of the Doctrine and Covenants.