What People are Saying

Occasionally, I get notes from listeners.  Here is what they are saying about Gospel Tangents.

“Rick, just wanted to personally tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate what you do with your videos. Honestly they have been so helpful to me in my spiritual life. Your phrase in a video once talked about being comfortably uncomfortable. That phrase released a lifetime burden from me of knowing I’m OK spiritually. Thanks for all you do. Your a spiritual giant in my eyes. Have a great day”  – Mark


“Rick- You are a Blessing to me. I was lost and now am found. I appreciate your “Tangents “ I now know their are many LDS members such as my self. I was at the end of my endurance with in the church. I now realize it is not so all or nothing. Thank you for your many hours developing your podcasts.” – Steven


“Love your podcast, you are a really good interviewer.” – Clifford

“I love the YouTube channel. Thanks for all the work you do.”  – Brian


“I just saw your videos this morning for the first time, very interesting topics. Thank you for doing this!” – Gregory


“I’m presently on a spiritual journey, “re-examining” the footsteps I left behind. I departed from the RLDS/Restoration Church over 20 years ago from a broken heart, after I discovered so many historical disturbances within the church. This caused me much emotional grief at that time because I loved the Restoration Story so much!

…Your videos have been most helpful as I re-examine various issues that led me out of the church so many years ago. Thank you so very much for your time and I appreciate your work as I discern the direction GOD is leading. Many blessings to you!” – Christopher


“Me Bennett I have enjoyed many of your podcast especially about LDS church history. I left the church a number of years ago and only retained belief in Jesus and the Bible. I attend an evangelical church which I feel teaches correct principles….Please do more episodes On church history and various Mormon sects. Thank you for your podcast. I do enjoy many of them With respect Kaz”


“I first want to congratulate you on your amazing website, you have gone to a great deal of effort to put together the LDS church history of very interesting topics that are not easy to find on the official LDS.org site so I thank you for taking the time to offer this additional information.” – Daniel


“I just wanted to say thank you for what you’re doing here. I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and if I could say anything to your viewers, readers, and listeners; I would say that I find it healthy to take an objective approach to our belief system and its history. I don’t think we should discredit historians who do not share the same belief system nor should be skeptical of them by default….I appreciate your objective approach to these topics and I don’t think you need to refute or rebut any of your interviews as I’ve noticed some of your viewers have suggested in the comments of your YouTube videos. I think that if a Latter-day Saint hears something in these interviews that they feel threatens their faith or makes them uncomfortable, then they should keep watching because each viewer will eventually hear a counter perspective by watching your interviews. The work that you are doing is the missing link that will help struggling millennials and post millennials objectively rationalize their faith in this overwhelming information age. ” – Jamie


“Hi i am 58 years old from the UK, i have been in the Church four years, but inactive for a year. My wife who i met at Church is also convert but still attends. I have always loved history and your podcasts are superb. I have learnt alot Regards Glen”


“Rick, I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite awhile now. It just keeps getting better and better. One of the things I appreciate most about your podcast is your being able to stay neutral in your interview questions. You may not agree with everything a guest says, but you are very open and non-judgmental. That approach goes a long way. Thanks for the work you do. It is greatly appreciated.”  –  Robert


“I really appreciate your mission to shed light on sometimes difficult subjects.”  Ron


“Hi Rick Just want to thank you for the time and the effort that you put into making the Gospel Tangents podcasts. They’ve been a big help to me as I navigate my own “faith crisis” … some of us need hear the stuff that’s not discussed much in the general curriculum…Please keep up the wonderful work … I need Gospel Tangents my life! warm regards from Oregon” – Garth


“Hey Rick …I’m in Alaska . Active member . 66 years old . Returned missionary and have been a Branch Pres here …Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing . Not enough room here to say all I want to.”  – Mike


“Got referred to your podcasts. Really enjoy them. I would like to listen to them all…. I enjoy your straight on approach to this. That isn’t always easy to do. Requires discipline, objectivity and a thick skin. Good luck with this.” – Scott


“Hey Rick, my name is Jared and I absolutely love your podcast.”


“Hello I just recently got introduced to your podcast. I’ve listen to many Mormon podcasts for years so I’m not sure how I missed yours 🙂 but I’m loving it!”  – Nate


“Greetings, I’m a 59 year old former Christian who has had and still has friends who are LDS, Church of Christ TL, traditionalist RLDS, and etc. I never had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but I do believe the Book has value. When I was 39, I became a 12er Shi’i Muslim (Muslims had a succession crisis, also, hehe) and so I’m neither anti-Restoration nor anti-Christian (Catholic or Protestant). I enjoy Gospel Tangents and I’m fascinated by Restoration history.” – Philip


“Bro. Bennett For the last two months I have been listening to your podcasts and subscribed a few weeks ago. I believe we were born in the same pea pod. Your comments and interest in the gospel mirror my own….I have a passion for church history and REALLY STUDY GOSPEL TANGENTS.” – Charles


“Okay, I’ve been binge watching your channel the past few months, and feel it’s time to support the channel, so I’ve signed up on Patreon. I picked up most of the books that interest me on Amazon, but think it’s time to come straight to the source. I’ve truly enjoyed the channel, and have been very impressed that you didn’t shy away from any subject. I love that you bring in experts on each subject, and “outsiders” to explain their beliefs, views, thoughts, and opinions, even if they aren’t in alignment with LDS vies.” – Richard


“Hi Rick, I’ve been listening to your show for about a year now and have really enjoyed it, especially the wide range of interviewees. Thanks for doing this. I’ve wondered if you’ve considered bringing in anyone with expertise on the first couple centuries of Christianity and the development of the various theological positions that influenced Mormonism. It seems hard to find Mormon scholars who seem to be experts on this area since it’s rarely an academic discipline in the faith. Too often, it seems like Mormon discussions about pre-19th century Christian theology end up being focused on generalities or relies on weak Talmage-esque polemics.” – Nathan


“Rick Bennett, I respectfully love your YouTube podcast. I have joined the Mormon Church 66 years ago , never did I hear or witness a more honest professional program to open the minds of people to see and hear both sides of the fence.” – Horst


“First, I want to say how much I truly enjoy your podcasts. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do to bring this beautiful, yet colorful, Mormon history to life. ” – Rod


“Over the past several years I’ve tried to seperate myth from reality within my faithful service to the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, untimatley this has mostly removed my appologetic view of the church and the leaders. Your site is a great help on my own journey to resolve my internal conflict. Thank you.” – Bryce


“Hello, Brother Rick! I’m so grateful to find your website. I found it very educational.” – Jesse


“Grateful for the good work you do. All the best, Benjamin”


“Hey Rick,  I try to tell people who ask what my favorite Mormon history podcast is…yours of course! You are doing an amazing job!” – Becky


“Rick, I just want to tell you I love your channel. I watch it on YouTube and I pledge on Patreon. The new Matt Harris ones on Benson are amazing. Thanks for doing what you do!” – Dan


“Thank you for all the work you put in to preparing all the podcasts i’m avid follower of you on YouTube I find very interesting and factual i’ve always loved history and church history.” – David


“I’m a big fan of your show, even though I’m not LDS.” – Michael


“Hi Rick. My name is Josiah. I live in New Zealand. I’m a practising Mormon but I’m unsure exactly what I believe. I love thinking about it though, and I love learning about Mormonism. I found out about your work through wheat and tares but I actually mainly watch your videos on youtube. Thanks for all you do. These interviews have been very interesting and informative.”


“Hello Gospel Tangents, You run an excellent show, I love listening and thinking on the subjects you talk about.” – Erik


“Dear Rick, LOVE , LOVE, LOVE your podcast! It’s very well done and the guests you are having on are fantastic….You are amazing to pull these podcasts off like you do. I have referred it to many! Sincerely, Becky”


“Rick, thanks for the podcasts and the work you’re doing, I love the great interviews you’re getting and look forward to new episodes.” – Cameron