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BoM: Malay, Baja, New York (Part 2 of 6)

We’re continuing our series on Book of Mormon geography theories.  This time we’ll hit Malay, Baja, and New York geography theories. GT:  The next theory that’s definitely different is the Malay theory by Dr. Ralph Olsen. Ralph passed away about five years ago, unfortunately. I actually spoke with Ralph before he passed away. This is a really fun theory. I

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Best Reasons for the Baja Theory

[paypal-donation] This is our last conversation with David Rosenvall.  In our last few episodes we’ve tried to poke holes in David’s theory of the Baja Theory of the Book of Mormon.  In this episode, we’ll talk about strengths of the theory. I think one of the other things that makes Baja a little unique is this concept of being isolated. 

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Baja vs Meso: Who Wins?

We’re continuing our conversation with David Rosenvall.  He’s the guy who came up with the idea that the Book of Mormon lands may have occurred in the Baja Peninsula.  I’ve also asked him to critique John L. Sorenson’s theory.  Sorenson has the dominant theory where the Book of Mormon took place in Central America.  I’ll ask David to critique John’s

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Book of Mormon on the Baja Peninsula?

I’d like to introduce David Rosenvall, who thinks the Book of Mormon took place on Baja Peninsula.  He’s a name you may not be familiar with.  He has a few claims to fame:  1) He is the person who put together the scriptures on!  2) While putting that project together, he and his father came up with a new

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Mike Stahlman is putting together Lehi's ship!

Restoring Lehi’s Ship (Mike Stahlman)

Originally scheduled for a museum in England, the COVID pandemic changed things. Ship Captain Phillip Beale had the Phoenicia ship cut into pieces. Half of Lehi’s ship was returned to England, while the other half was sent to Iowa for reassembly. The problem was, there were no instructions on how to re-assemble the ship!  Enter Mike Stahlman. He’s a bit

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Dr. John Lefgren leads the Heartland Research Group.

Starting Heartland Research Group (John Lefgren)

I discovered that Dr Lefgren is the president of the Heartland Research Group. The group has recently purchased a replica of an ancient Phoenician ship that non-Mormon Captain Philip Beale sailed around Africa, likely the same route that Lehi sailed to come to America. We’ll discuss more about John’s involvement with the Heartland Research group. Check out our conversation… Copyright

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Brant Gardner reviews other geography theories for Book of Mormon.

Brant Gardner Reviews Other Geography Theories (2 of 2)

We’ve just reviewed the Mesoamerican model for the Book of Mormon with Brant Gardner. Now I’m going to ask Brant to review other geography theories, including Baja, Malay, Africa, & Heartland. We’ll also discuss faith and science. Check out our conversation… Copyright © 2022 Gospel Tangents All Rights Reserved Except for book reviews, no content may be reproduced without written

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Brant Gardner gives case for Mesoamerica setting for Book of Mormon.

Book of Mormon Case for Mesoamerica (Brant Gardner 1 of 2)

I’m excited to have a Mesoamerican expert on the show. Brant Gardner is an antropologist, and he tells why he thinks the Book of Mormon took place in Mesoamerica. We’ll talk about anachronisms, and Brant will give his take on the other theories, from Africa to Baja to Heartland. Can a faithful person believe in evolution and an old earth?

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Patrick McKay is an apostle for JCRB, trying to get Mormon groups talking to each other.

Breaking Down Restoration Walls (Patrick McKay)

Patrick McKay is an apostle for the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches (JCRB.) He’ll discuss breaking away from the RLDS Church, and his attempts to unify the Restoration Movement. We’ll talk about how he uses the Book of Mormon to do that. I’ll also ask him about archaeological, DNA, and other problems with the Book of Mormon, and whether he

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